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Last updated 05 March 2022

Covid-19 Testing Facilities in Croatia

Covid-19 Testing Facilities in Croatia

Many governments have now made it a requirement that travellers must present a negative Covid-19 test in order to board their flight home. In some instances, this test will need to be taken no later than 48 hours prior to your flight and must be presented to airline staff in an approved language before boarding.

We understand this can be difficult to organise in a foreign country, which is why we’re committed to making this a stress free and simple process for our guests.

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Below you will find a comprehensive guide to Dalmatian testing facilities. The testing centres we are working with are committed to providing results within 3 - 30 hours, contacting travellers via email with their results and providing results in an approved language, to ensure a seamless testing process for guests.

Your dedicated onboard representative will be happy to organise the logistics of your test for you, including selecting the closest testing centre for you, making a booking on your behalf and assisting you with any questions you may have throughout the process.

Where there are enough guests that require testing, your onboard representative will endeavour to organise group testing onboard, where a medical professional boards the ship to complete the required testing.

The rapid PCR or Antigen tests vary in cost, ranging from €20 to €158, depending on your chosen testing facility, the turnaround time of your test results, and your testing arrangement. Whilst the cost of the test is an additional expense, we are happy to assist with organising all of the logistics for guests!

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Below you will find a list of testing centres available in Dalmatia. These testing centres provide a range of services, including rapid PRC, Antigen and Serology tests.

Majority of these locations are conveniently located in our start/end locations of Split, Dubrovnik and Zadar.

Name of Clinic Location Approximate Cost
Split Airport Split €35 - €60
Institute of Public Health Split €52
Institut Virion Split €40 - €118
Agram Split €40 - €118
Priska Med Split €40 - €105
Analiza Split €20
Institute of Public Health Dubrovnik €158
Marin Med Dubrovnik €130 - €158
Priska Med Dubrovnik €40 - €132
Institute of Public Health Zadar €105
Agram Zadar €40
Institute of Public Health Makarska €40
Institute of Public Health Šibenik €105