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Last updated 05 March 2022

Foster a Floatie - Turn the Plastic Tide

Foster a Floatie - Turn the Plastic Tide

If you’re not bobbing around on a colourful floatie with a cocktail in one hand and your go-pro in the other, some may say you’re doing Croatia wrong!

Pineapples, unicorns, pizza slices, donuts and dragons...we all know how important choosing the right floatie for your holiday is! What many people don’t realise is that these bright coloured floating devices aren’t as innocent as they look.

Unfortunately your floatie is likely to face the same destiny as many floaties before it. After 7 days of sun and sea, floaties are either placed in the bin where they will end up in landfill, taking thousands of years to breakdown and contributing to Greenhouse gasses, or they are left in the sea to degrade, where over 72,000 chemicals begin to leach into the water over time and plastic breaks down to microplastics - a huge problem for our ecosystem.

Scary, right?

With over 80% of all trash in our waterways being made up of plastic, you can do your bit to help turn the plastic tide!

Foster a Floatie

Sail Croatia has teamed up with Green Sail to launch the Foster a Floatie Initiative on our Under 39’s Yacht Tours.

Follow this step by step guide to foster your very own floatie for the week!

  1. Don’t purchase a floatie when you arrive in Split
  2. Meet the Green Sail team at check-in and choose your favourite floatie!
  3. Pay a small donation in order to rent the floatie. All proceeds will go directly back into Green Sail initiatives & are guaranteed to be cheaper than buying your own!
  4. Sail away on your unicorn/pizza/pineapple/mermaid tail
  5. Leave your floatie onboard before you check out
  6. Our team will collect & re-inflate the floaties before giving them a new life the following week

Sea you out there!

Foster a Floatie