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If you're coming to Croatia to enjoy the sun and the beaches than a day on Makarska Riviera will be your cup of tea. Makarska has some of the most beautiful and largest beaches on the coast and the Riviera can be looked at as a huge resort with all the amenities you would expect there. Located under the Biokovo massif, one of the biggest mountain ranges in Croatia, it is also a paradise for hikers and mountaineers.

Makarska was founded in ancient times and swapped hands pretty consistently due to its strategic position. It was a Roman colony, then a part of the Croatian Kingdom, then under Venetian rule before eventually succumbing under Ottoman rule. Today, it is a booming tourist destination and one of the most popular holiday spots for locals and foreigners alike.

Things to do in Makarska Visit the Franciscan Convent & Seashell Museum

In the heart of the city you will find the old Plaza dotted with little restaurants and bars that are perfect for enjoying a bite to eat and a refreshing drink. Nearby is the open marketplace that sells produce and local souvenirs and you can walk away with a bargain.

After you’re done with that, make sure to visit the old Franciscan convent that was built in the 17th century. It also houses the world’s largest seashell museum that has collections from all over the world - some of these items dating back up to 2,000 years B.C!

Enjoy The Local Beaches

Makarska Riviera is home to a huge number of beaches. Whether you’re looking for seclusion, naturist beaches, or popular tourist spots – you will find them all here.

The sea is crystal clear and pristinely clean. Makarska beaches are consistently voted as the best in the country and if you want to relax in the sun that this is the place to be.

Makarska Beaches Hike On Biokovo Mountain

After Velebit, Biokovo Mountain is the largest mountain in Croatia. Its highest peak, St. George, offers unprecedented panoramic views of the coastline. On a clear day you’re able to see all the way to the Italian coast. On the other side, you get a beautiful view of Bosnian mainland.

Biokovo is definitely a challenge for the uninitiated so we recommend you come prepared. Try to find a local tour that will transport you to the top of the mountain and hike your way back down to the summit, accompanied by an experienced guide.

Biokove Mountain Range Enjoy The Exuberant Nightlife

After you’re done exploring the cultural side of the city, it’s definitely time to get your groove on. Makarska is a vibrant city full of bars and nightclubs that are open to the wee hours of the morning. Some of the most popular clubs are located on the Riviera.

Not only that, the Riviera is full of EDM festivals and other events during the summer. Don’t focus your search only on Makarska though. A lot of nearby fishing villages and smaller towns host spectacular events when the sun sets. Some of the best parties are held in secluded wooded areas away from the prying eyes of the local public.

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