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MS Kraljica Jelena - Queen of the Sea

If you’re looking for a cruising experience full of old world charm, look no further than Kraljica (Queen) Jelena. This newly built ship joined the Sail Croatia fleet in 2018 and it isn’t hard to see where the name ‘Kraljica Jelena’ comes from. Kraljica translates directly to ‘Queen’, and the ship itself is named after the much loved Queen Jelena, who ruled in Croatia in 946 AD.

The vessel’s name isn't the only regal element of this ship. Cruising on Elegance, modern comforts and traditional designs come together to showcase high quality woodwork throughout, fine details and a well thought out saloon and deck space.

Queen Jelena Saloon

As you step into the saloon of this impressive ship, you’re instantly transported to an elegant time, leaving the real world far, far behind. High quality details throughout the saloon, chesterfield style seating and impeccable service to match ensure the dining experience in Queen Jelena’s saloon is fit for a queen (or king!).

Queen Jelena's traditional style was purpose built to incorporate a classical feel and provide a unique experience onboard. The baroque and oriental appeal of a steamboat merges with beautiful wide sails to complete the antique look. Despite the traditional look and feel of the ship, the facilities and modern comforts found onboard are nothing short of advanced.

Air-conditioned ensuite cabins accommodate 38 passengers in double or twin beds. All cabins are complete with a writing desk, closet facilities and artwork showcasing Croatia as it once was, with the mahogany and maroon colour scheme from the saloon extending through to the cabins.

Bedroom Bathroom

At 50 meters long, Queen Jelena offers plenty of deck space to relax and unwind in, as well as the top deck jacuzzi that is perfect for cooling down in as you sip on a cocktail and cruise the Adriatic. Sun loungers are available for all guests on the top deck, allowing you to soak up the rays Croatia is so famous for during the warmer months! As you explore the deck you’ll notice plenty of details worked into the exterior of the ship, including a siren on the bow and compass’s throughout, each adding to the elegant feel and old world charm of Queen Jelena.

Step Ladder

You’ll be well looked after by the crew onboard Queen Jelena, who have been working with Sail Croatia for many years now. Owner and Captain, Gordan, is an esteemed ship builder that has been working with Sail Croatia since the very beginning. An attentive and hard working crew will ensure you that all have to do on your week long vacation is sit back, relax and feel the full force of ‘Fjaka’; a way of life in Dalmatia that is described as an aspiration to do nothing!