MS Romantic Star - The brightest star in Croatia

Romantic Star became an irreplaceable part of the Sail Croatia Premier Plus fleet in 2016 as a newly built ship (47 meters in length and 8.60 meters in width) from the shipyard Leda in Korcula. With 18 passenger cabins in total, and the option of above or lower deck twin and double cabins as private ensuites, all containing air conditioning, the boat is a pure sailing oasis for all 36 of it’s lucky passengers.

Once onboard Romantic Star, next to the salon area, where the guests can enjoy many new and diverse meals served during lunch, such as vegetarian and gluten-free options, you will also notice a comfortable and spacious lounge bar area where the guests can spend a part of their day enjoying a good book or a glass of their favourite drink. Unlike some other boats built previously, what makes Romantic Star unique is also the fact that the captain's bridge and the control cabin are actually located on the third deck or the so-called sundeck.

MS Romantic Star

For the guests onboard Romantic Star, this is quite convenient and entertaining for several reasons. Apart from the possibility of resting, working on their holiday tan or enjoying the splash pool on the sundeck, the guests can very often use the opportunity, while on the top deck, to stop by the captain's bridge and ask their captain Jure some interesting questions or have a chat with him, hearing his many stories and boundless information. With his long family tradition in shipbuilding, conversations with captain Jure are anything but boring.

If, by any chance, they do not get an opportunity while on the sundeck, they will most certainly find the opportunity to ask their captain many questions throughout the week. They will be very happy to hear the captain talk with great pride about his family - who often come to visit him on the boat - or the boat itself that makes him love what he does.

Apart from the captain, many interesting stories will also come from the lovely crew that the boat is lucky to have. Their energy and hard-work are the best possible combination for perfect customer-care service. Not only will you enjoy time with the crew during the week, but you will especially enjoy every moment during the captain's dinner when both the captain and the crew never miss the opportunity to have an amazing time with their guests, creating great long lasting memories for everyone involved.

A very highly rated ship in its category, and well deserving of its name, Romantic Star offers only the best. Enriched by many years of experience, Captain Jure named the boat in reference to his first boat Romantica. Associated with the name itself, he decided to place in every cabin above the bed a beautiful reproduction of a starry sky giving their guests a task to find their romantic star while on the boat. Even if they don't find a special star among the starry sky, they have found the right one the moment they decided to book this unique cruise ship.

If you ever find yourself strolling along the stunning port of Split or Dubrovnik in Croatia, you are most likely to become mesmerized by the exquisite cruise ships docked in the same ports. Not only do they make an appealing view for all the tourists passing by, but they also offer unforgettable cruises along the Adriatic coastline. One of those type of cruise ships is, without any doubt, the brightest star in Sail Croatia - Romantic Star.