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All our day charter yachts are Beneteau Cyclades 43.4 (2008 models). Each yacht sleeps 8 with an additional double in the salon for a skipper or another 2 (Max 10 people). Yacht charter is a perfect option for families or small groups wanting to have the freedom to explore the Adriatic independently.

Based in Split ACI Marina (Split Harbour) we offer an easy start and finish point which brings you in and out of the heart of Split. Our experienced local skippers are available for hire with the yacht if you don't have a qualified crew member.

Sail Croatia are one of the very few Yacht Chartering companies that allow you to charter a yacht on a per night basis, meaning that you're not locked into paying for more days than you can sail - we'll work around you. Using our online booking system you can see live pricing as well as instant availability, just simply click on 'Book Now' in the tab above to get started

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Hiring your own sailing yacht gives you a completely unique way to see Croatia. Hiring a yacht is similar to hiring a car – you can set your own itinerary on day one, then stick to that as closely as you like. If you enjoy one destination, feel free to stay as long as you like. The only requirement is that you have the yacht back to the ACI Marina by 8am to check your yacht out.

You will need a qualified skipper to hire a yacht. If you are a licensed skipper or have someone in your group that is, you can take the boat out on your own. Otherwise you can hire a local skipper who has the additional knowledge of being locally trained so as well as all the best places to stop and swim, they know the language and have lots of local contacts so can find the best places to moor as well as the best local restaurants in each area.

If you have extra berthing space left over in your yacht, you may also wish to hire a hostess. A hostess takes care of the yacht throughout the week, tidying up, washing dishes and preparing meals for your group.

Whether hiring a skipper or a hostess, you must also pay for their meals throughout the week.

Prices for these services are around:

  • Skipper: £120/day + expenses (food)
  • Hostess: £80/day + expenses (food)

While on the ground, you have the flexibility to travel as far as you like and stay in marinas, which tend to be more expensive, or on anchor for free. Because of this costs can vary by quite a bit, but we find that most of our customers spend within the following range for their boat:

  • Fuel: £75-125
  • Berthing fees: €0 - €111 per night (varies – see FAQ)

Please note that our yacht charters are perfect if you'd like a small group to set their own itinerary. If you're looking to book only a few spots on a yacht or you'd like to join a party flotilla, check our our Med Experience Croatia Sailing trip, which brings you a yacht flotilla experience designed for under 35s.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to hire a skipper or hostess?

If you're an experienced skipper, you're welcome to skipper your own yacht (provided you have a valid license). Even if you are a licensed sailor, our local skippers can prove invaluable, as they will help you craft a perfect itinerary, recommend local restaurants and berthing spots and know all the best natural coves for swimming stops.

Hiring a hostess is optional and to do so you must have the extra cabin space available.

What is the trip itinerary?

That’s up to you! Come prepared with a rough idea of where you’d like to go, or make it up as you go. We’ll be happy to help you craft your sailing plan for the week. Many of our customers plan their itineraries on a day-by-day basis, using their skippers to recommend the destination of the day based on local events and festivals, weather patterns and their favourite places.

Will my mp3 player work with the speaker system?

Yes, but you'll need to bring your own auxiliary cable to plug into the sound system (3.5mm male-to-male audio cable).

Where does the skipper sleep?

The salon of the yacht has a couch that folds into a bed for the night. Your skipper will sleep there for the night.

How will I pay my deposit?

All deposit payments must be made locally with a credit card – make sure you have enough credit to clear the EUR1500 deposit. We will place a hold on that amount for the charter period and that will be released after the boat is inspected upon its return.

What’s does it cost to berth my yacht for the night?

This is up to you – Croatia’s islands have a variety of natural bays that are suitable for anchoring, which means you won’t have to pay anything. Still, you’ll want to stop at a marina for a few nights of the week to refill your water tank, recharge the yacht’s batteries, and have a shower. Marinas cost between €30 and €130 per night, depending on the location and time of year. To get a full list of marina prices, visit the ACI Marina Website (http://www.aci.hr/en/). Certain protected bays will also have buoys tied to the sea floor. These can cost money to berth at overnight (generally €20-30), or some restaurants allow you to berth for free on the condition that you eat there. Our local skippers are familiar with with all of these options and will be able to help you make your decision about where to stay each night.

What extra expenses do I need to pay for?

You’ll want to start your week by stocking your boat with food and drink – your skipper will be able to advise you of the best place to shop. It’s customary to pay for your skipper’s expenses for the week, including water taxis, meals and drinks. You’ll also have to pay a local tax for every person on your boat (including skipper & hostess, if applicable) x number of days travelling. This is payable in cash on the ground.

Where do we check the yachts in and out?

All our yachts are housed in Split’s ACI Marina, located in the heart of Split, about 20 minutes’ walk from the train and bus station and 45 minutes taxi from the airport.

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