What Is Learn to Sail?

Learn to Sail is a vocational training program that kick starts your journey to becoming a skipper. The path to becoming a professional skipper starts with theoretical and practical training, and is followed by vocational work as a Sail Croatia skipper.

Successful applicants can benefit from many years of knowledge and experience, taking you to a level where you can competently skipper yachts and catamarans on our Private Yacht Tours.

Skipper training is open to Croatians, EU nationals and other countries which allow work in Croatia. For international skippers we are able to offer Theory and Practical training, and may be able to assist with work permits.

Skipper Academy Intro
The Pathway to a Professional Skipper
3 Day Skipper Theory: €290

This course provides a basic understanding of sailing and the rules of the sea. You will need to complete an exam to obtain a license. Technically you will be allowed to skipper upon completion of this element, however practically it takes experience to be a successful skipper.

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7 Day Croatia Skipper Course: €600

A 7 day practical training course that allows you to build on your experience and knowledge in everyday sailing and technical situations. This practical course takes place onboard a 43ft yacht.

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2 Day Customer Care

A 2 day course covering customer care training and first aid. This course is provided by Sail Croatia and is a requirement for all Skippers before working with guests.

Flotilla Skipper

We invite a small number of skippers each year to join our flotilla skipper program. Here you build skill, knowledge and experience in sailing, and more importantly, customer service.

Private Yacht Tour Yacht Skipper

As you progress professionally (usually after a couple of seasons), you will move on to skippering yachts on our Private Yacht Tours. The highest standards of customer care are expected on this product.

Flotilla Lead Skipper

Our Lead Skippers are responsible for managing the day to day sailing and entire team on our flotilla.

Private Yacht Tour Catamaran Skipper

The highest level of progression for a Sail Croatia Skipper is onboard the Catamarans on our Private Yacht Tours. These Skippers are responsible for customer care and skippering our luxurious Catamarans.

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3 Day Skipper Theory
3 Day Skipper Theory
Practical Skipper Course
7 Day Croatia Skipper Course
Will this guarantee me a work placement?

Our Learn to Sail program is designed to prepare you for a career skippering professionally in Croatia. The program is best suited to individuals who would like to understand and gain knowledge as a skipper. Each step of the program will give you an insight into working in the industry and you can decide on your career choices as you progress. This will also give us an opportunity to build a relationship with you and to advise you on the opportunities we can offer through the course.

Can I use my license in other countries?

Skipper licenses are normally controlled through international agreements. Please check with the country licensing requirements around chartering and working in your country of choice, to see if a Croatian Category C license will be accepted for commercial or charter use. It is likely that commercial endorsements will require additional registration and certification. However the practical elements gained will be invaluable as experience.

Can I do the practical course before the theory course?

Yes - many of our skippers prefer to do the practical elements to see what it is like to be a skipper onboard a yacht before committing to the cost of exams and certifications.

What is customer care training?

Customer care and first aid training is a free course provided by Sail Croatia for everyone that works as a skipper. It is needed to give you a clear understanding and to set expectations of customer care and its importance in delivering a sustainable tourism experience. The course is by invitation only and will be given to a small number of successful skippers who will work on our flotilla and private yacht tours.

Can I work elsewhere as a skipper after completing the practical and theoretical knowledge?

Yes. We train a number of skippers that go on to work as professional skippers for other companies and as independent skipper contractors each year.

What type of person can participate in the training programs?

Becoming a Skipper doesn’t discriminate against age, gender or nationality and we see people from many different backgrounds join our programs to become successful Skippers!

How much can I get paid?

Skippers in Croatia are typically paid between €100 - €150 (Euro) per day. Our flotilla skippers are paid €500 - €600 per week, depending on how many seasons experience have been gained and their role.