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Croatia Sailing Holidays

Set sail on a bareboat Yacht Charter in Croatia, providing the perfect opportunity for sailors and small groups to explore the sunniest coastline in Europe independently and at their own pace.

Our Split ACI Marina Base brings you in and out of the heart of Split, and with over 1,000 islands to choose from, Croatia is an ideal destination for experienced and novice skippers alike.

Featured Yachts
Hanse 548 | Morpheusfrom €3,099
Dufour 520 GL | Peace of Mind from €2,419
Hanse 460 | Sizzlefrom €5,059
Oceanis 46.1 | Libertine from €2,344
Oceanis 45 | Night Sky from €2,419
Sun Odyssey 449 | Marica from €1,759
Sun Odyssey 449 | Incognito from €1,759
Oceanis 41 | Serenity from €1,429
Sun Odyssey 349 | Manilo from €1,154
Featured Catamarans
Lagoon 55 | Slice of Heaven from €20,789
Lagoon 50 l Spellbound from €10,724
Lagoon 450F | Dragonfly from €3,739
Lagoon 46 | Alley Cat from €5,719
Lagoon 46 | Hound Dog from €5,819
Lagoon 42 | Blackbird from €2,859
Lagoon 42 | Kingfisher from €2,859
Lagoon 42 | Jubilo from €3,079
Lagoon 400 S2 | Sundance from €1,978
Fantastic expereince!

Our yacht was well presented and had everything we would need. Enjoyed the sailing and the beautiful islands of Brac and Hvar. Friendly people everywhere we went. We required assistance coming back to the marina as I was unwell. Jake was fantastic and took charge, moored us up and organised a taxi to airport. He and Marin then came to help us with cases to taxi and to make sure all was well. Great service, very commendable. We hope to be back another year.

Lloyd, August 2023
Sailed on: Manilo
Amazing memories!

We had a fabulous week aboard Jubilio Sailboat! The salon was well appointed with 4 refrigerators and a beautiful counter to prepare some appetizers and breakfast and lunch aboard. The cabins had comfortable beds and cool air when we opened the window hatches for nighttime sleeping -many memories were made in the beautiful Adriadic Sea, clear and refreshing water!

Lisa, September 2023
Sailed on: Jubilo
Effortless and memorable!

We loved sailing our Dufour 520 grand large from split to the islands. The boat was well set up and easy to handle. Wonderful staff, boat, location (and weather) made for a memorable trip.

Time, October 2023
Sailed on: Peace of Mind

Sample Itinerary

Off The Beaten Tack Optional Itinerary Map placeholder imaage
Off The Beaten Tack

The Off The Beaten Tack Itinerary is the perfect route for those looking to sail along the path less travelled, taking in some hidden Dalmatian gems along the way.

Heading north from Split, this itinerary takes in the quaint island of Solta on day 1 and heads back to the mainland to visit the beautiful town of Rogoznica. Day 3 takes guests north to Skradin, where the beautiful Krka National Park is located. The itinerary then continues south to the stunning islands of Zlarin, Kaprije and Solta. On the 7th day, this itinerary returns to the waterfront city of Split.

Itinerary Highlights
  • Discover Dicoletian's Palace, Split
  • Try authentic Croatian cuisine in Solta
  • Visit Dragon's Eye Lake, Rogoznica
  • Take in the beautiful Krka Waterfalls, Krka National Park
  • Relax and unwind on the charming islands of Zlarin & Kaprije
Split, Croatia

Make your way to ACI Marina, where your Yacht Charter will begin! If you’re a little early for check-in, explore the incredible Old Town of Split, located a short walk away. The 4th Century Diocletian's Palace is the perfect spot to while away a few hours, exploring the many shops, galleries, cafes and bars within the palace walls.

The palace itself was once home to thousands, however today its sprawling remains include more than 200 buildings, cobbled stone streets and charming courtyards that are just waiting to be explored.

Before check-in is also a good time to stock up on any supplies you’ll need for the week. We would recommend only purchasing enough food and drinks for the first day or two, as you’ll be able to pick up fresh produce throughout the week.

Useful Information
Solta, Croatia
Day 1

Leave Split behind as you make your way towards Solta and overnight in the tranquil Necujam Bay. There isn’t a better way to get acquainted with the Croatian way of life than on the island of Solta!

Necujam Bay is famous amongst locals for the large pebble beach which sweeps across the main cove, offering the perfect spot for a sunset stroll or early morning swim.

Enjoy a drink at the beach bar or traditional Croatian cuisine in one of Necujam’s local restaurants.

Approximate Mooring Fees:
  • Mooring buoys: €30 - 40 for monohulls and €40 - 50 for catamarans. *Cash only
Rogoznica, Croatia
Day 2

This morning we’ll depart the island of Solta and head toward Rogoznica or Primosten, depending on your preference. These locations are only 7km apart, so it is easy to see both places in one day if you wish.

Rogoznica marks the divide between the northern and southern Adriatic, and offers plenty of rewarding scenery to those who wish to pay it a visit. There are several natural attractions in Rogoznica, including dozens of beaches, and the unique “Dragon’s Eye” lake formation.

Located on an unbelievably pretty peninsula, Primosten is rich in Mediterranean culture and heritage and is often a real highlight. The Old Town’s narrow, cobbled streets lined with dark green window shutters and traditional houses are a haven to explore.

For nightlife options, Rogoznica and Primosten both have many bars and cocktail bars to choose from, not forgetting the Admiral nightclub (Rogoznica) and famous Aurora nightclub (Primosten).

Approximate Mooring Fees:
  • Mooring buoys: €30 - 40 for monohulls and €40 - 50 for catamarans. *Cash only
  • Marinas: €60 - 300 depending on locaction and size. *Cash & card available

*Catamaran mooring fees can be up to 1.5 x more than these estimated prices

Skradin, Croatia
Day 3

Leave the sea behind and head inland to reach your next stop - Skradin.

‘Why would I want to leave the sea?’, you ask…to explore the Krka Waterfalls of course! Krka is a stunning National Park that features stunning waterfall formations, Mediterranean trees, an abundance of plants and lush green walking trails. Krka National Park gained its National Park status to protect the Krka River and its 7 waterfalls, which are now abundant with native flora and fauna.

Krka National Park remains relatively quiet early in the morning and late in the afternoon, so you can enjoy the peaceful surroundings and winding footpaths that lead to the most photogenic views.

Approximate Mooring Fees:
  • Mooring buoys: €30 - 40 for monohulls and €40 - 50 for catamarans. *Cash only
Optional Excursions
  • Krka Waterfalls & National Park
Zlarin, Croatia
Day 4

Depart from the stunning Krka Waterfalls and head to the island of Zlarin.

Refreshingly, there are no cars on Zlarin and it is forbidden to drive, making this a perfect location to explore by bike or on foot. This peaceful destination really is a break from the modern world, allowing guests to relax, unwind and take in the surrounding nature.

Several restaurants and cafes are nearby if you feel like dining in a local restaurant this evening.

Approximate Mooring Fees:
  • Mooring buoys: €30 - 40 for monohulls and €40 - 50 for catamarans. *Cash only
  • Marinas: €60 - 300 depending on locaction and size. *Cash & card available

*Catamaran mooring fees can be up to 1.5 x more than these estimated prices

Kaprije, Croatia
Day 5

Sail from Zlarin to Kaprije, an island which boasts striking pine forests, and a small population of only 150 inhabitants.

A driving ban is also in place in this destination, conjuring up images of life as it once was. Make the most of spending time in another location with a peaceful and rejuvenating environment.

Kaprije is famous for its grape and olive production, so don’t forget to sample the fresh local wine and olive oil while you’re there.

Approximate Mooring Fees:
  • Mooring buoys: €30 - 40 for monohulls and €40 - 50 for catamarans. *Cash only
Sesula, Croatia
Day 6

Leaving the hidden gems of Kaprije and Zlarin behind, we’ll sail south, taking in the stunning coastline before arriving at Sesula on the island of Solta.

Here you can choose to dock in the secluded Sesula bay or in the nearby village of Maslinica, both located at the northern end of the island. Maslinica is known amongst locals for its beautiful sunsets and Sesula bay is the perfect place to relax, sunbathe and swim.

Approximate Mooring Fees:
  • Mooring buoys: €30 - 40 for monohulls and €40 - 50 for catamarans. *Cash only
Split, Croatia
Day 7

Today you’ll make your way back to Split, which is just a short sail away from the peaceful bays of Sesula or Maslinica.

If you’re yet to discover the beautiful city of Split, we recommend exploring Diocletian’s Palace, or hiking up to Marjan Hill for an impressive view over the Old Town.

If you would like to celebrate the last night of your Yacht Charter, you couldn’t be in a better place! Split has plenty of restaurants, bars and nightclubs to keep you going well into the early hours of the morning!

Approximate Mooring Fees:
  • Harbour: 1 night of mooring at Split ACI Marina is included free for Sail Croatia yachts and catamarans
Split, Croatia
Day 8

This morning it’s time to check-out of your yacht by 8.30am. Our Base Manager and/or Skipper will be on hand to answer any questions you may have!

Last Minute Yacht Specials

Sailing Yacht
Discounted Private Yacht Tours Charter with Skipper Offer

Take advantage of our discounted Yacht Charter prices onboard our Private Yacht Tours that include a skipper and a host of other benefits.

Leave the sailing to us whilst you enjoy comfort and relaxation on a private yacht with your friends and family.

Free Mooring
Discounted Yacht Charters Yacht Charter Special

A bareboat Yacht Charter is perfect for experienced Skippers who are looking to explore the Adriatic independantly.

Take advantage of our current offers, and then look forward to taking to the helm for a week of exploring the Croatian coast at your own pace.

Sailing Resources
Winds in Croatia
3 minute read Winds in Croatia

Learn all about the most common winds in Croatia before you set sail on a Croatia Yacht Charter, including Maestral, Jugo, Bura and more.

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ACI Marina Split Guide
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Join us as we head behind the scenes with the Captain and Owner of one of Sail Croatia’s newest and most luxurious ships, Roko.

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Sailing Croatian Restaurants Route
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Yacht Charter FAQ'S

Do I have to hire a Skipper?

Our Yacht Charters are bareboat and do not come with a Skipper. You are required to hold a valid Skipper license & VHF license to skipper your own yacht. Please ensure your qualifications match those available in the above list. If you are unsure whether your qualification is acceptable, please contact our team immediately. It is essential that you email through a copy of your qualifications to [email protected] prior to your departure, as we need to register you with the relevant Port Authorities. If you are looking for a sailing experience that includes a Skipper, check out our Private Yacht Tours.

Please note: A photo of your Skipper’s license (taken on your mobile device) can be sent through to us prior to your departure, however you will need to provide the original (hard copy) license and/or certificate upon check in and carry this with you throughout the duration of your Yacht Charter. This process helps to avoid any delays on your departure day, and is a legal requirement of chartering a vessel in Croatia.

What ages are suitable for a Yacht Charter?

All ages are welcome onboard our yachts although practically it is recommended children are able to swim and additional considerations be taken into account such as moving around the yachts, moving booms and ropes, slippery surfaces, boarding and crossing from shore to the yacht. Risks are clearly visible and additional precautions should be taken with children onboard particularly for non-swimmers. For all children onboard we recommend you bring with you well fitted children life jackets and harness with tether system. Remember it is hot in July and August so wearing a life jacket may cause overheating and children to be uncomfortable. Inflatable life jackets with a tether maybe a more suitable option for children. We also recommend the use of nets which go around the yacht, particularly for bookings with children aged 6 and under, and we can organise this at the time of booking

What are obligatory extras?

Obligatory extras are additional items that you will be required to pay for when hiring a yacht. These items vary from yacht to yacht and include items such as final cleaning and Croatia local tax. Please view the yachts obligatory extras section on the yacht details page to see the specific items for each yacht.

What are optional extras?

Optional extras are additional items that you can add to your booking. Please visit the yacht details pages to view the optional extras that are available with each yacht.

What are the average mooring costs in Croatia?

There are three main types of mooring options in Croatia; anchoring, mooring buoys and Marinas. Anchoring is a free mooring option that allows you to simply drop the anchor and stay overnight in a secluded bay. Mooring buoys (ranging from €45 - €75 per night) are great if you’re looking for a private mooring solution. Marinas on the other hand, provide access to cafes, restaurants, showers, toilets, shore power and fresh water, and are often a more expensive option (ranging from €62 - €300 per night on average, depending on location and vessel size*). In our experience, a mixture of all three options will give you the best balance throughout the week. We find overnighting in locations that are a little further from Marinas and towns are generally more affordable. Most Marinas only accept cash, however some may accept credit cards.

*Please note: The cost of mooring buoys and Marinas are estimations only, and will change depending on the size of your vessel, location and time of season. For a full guide to mooring in Croatia, including mooring options and estimated fees, view our Mooring Fees in Croatia blog. One night of mooring at Split ACI Marina is included free of charge for all Sail Croatia yachts and catamarans.

Where can I sail to?

Yacht Charters operate on Split Return routes only, as these vessels will not have enough time to make it from the lower coast back to Split in 7 days. A sample itinerary can be found above.

What extra expenses do I need to pay for?

You’ll want to start your week by stocking your boat with food and drink – our Operations Team will be able to advise you of the best place to shop. You’ll have to pay a local tax for every person on your boat for the number of days travelling. This is payable in cash at the marina.

You will need to factor mooring fees into your budget (see FAQ "What are the average mooring costs in Croatia?") as well as fuel for the week. We will provide the vessel with full fuel tanks and guests must return the vessel with full tanks before arriving back to ACI Split Marina for check-out. Please note, fees will apply if tanks are not returned with a full fuel tank. This applies to the fuel tanks onboard the vessel as well as the Outboard Engine (if supplied).

Whats the difference between the Pay Now and Pay Locally price totals?

Due to our yachts operating out of Croatia, some of your Yacht Charter booking costs will be required to be paid locally (in Euros). Yacht Charter bookings are secured with a 30% deposit and the Pay Now total is required to be paid in full 12 weeks before departure.

When is check in / check out?

  • Sunday or Monday departure - check in is from 3pm.
  • Saturday departure - check in is from 5pm
  • We ask guests make their way to our base marina by 6pm at the latest. Check out is by 8:30am on the last day of your charter.
Which yacht is right for me?

This depends on your group size, as the larger your group, the larger the yacht. Select your preferred departure and then sort the results by yacht capacity and this will sort the yachts from minimum to maximum capacity. If you have a larger group, a Lagoon Catamaran may be a good option. If a luxurious sailing experience is more your style, view the ships available for a luxury Yacht Charter.

Are there any local payments that I need to be aware of?

A tourist tax of 1.50 Euros per person per day is not included in the price. This is to be paid locally at check-in.

How does Sail Croatia contribute to sustainable tourism?

Sail Croatia is committed to sustainable tourism and eco-friendly practices. In 2016 Sail Croatia founded Green Sail, a non-profit organisation that promotes and supports sustainable tourism in the Croatian nautical industry. Sail Croatia's Yachts and Catamarans have undergone the Green Sail Footprint certification to monitor and rate their sustainability credentials.

Do you offer a Skipper refresher course?

Our Day 1 Skipper Course is perfect for assisting Yacht Charter Skippers to set sail! This course provides a 4 hour refresher program with a local, experienced Sail Croatia Skipper, giving you the confidence and insider knowledge to get the best out of your week sailing in Croatia. Learn more about this optional extra here.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance?

Yes, we highly recommend that you take out Travel Insurance that would cover cancellation, personal injury, medical expenses, personal liability & loss of personal property before you travel with us. It’s also important to check that your insurance covers all of the optional excursions you may be doing whilst onboard the cruise with us. Find out more about Travel Insurance here.

Please note: Once a booking is confirmed, there are fees applicable if you need to make a change to your booking or if you need to cancel. All fees can be found on our Booking Terms. Whilst we are unable to offer refunds, we can provide a letter confirming your cancellation with us which may aid your Travel Insurance claim, if required.

I have reduced mobility, is this trip right for me?

To make an informed decision about sailing with Sail Croatia, we recommend reading our Mobility Whilst Sailing page. This will provide you with valuable information regarding any mobility and accessibility concerns you may have.