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A yacht charter is the perfect option for families or small groups wanting to have the freedom to explore the Adriatic independently.

All our yachts are based in Split ACI Marina (Split Harbour) we offer an easy start and finish point which brings you in and out of the heart of Split. Our experienced local skippers are available for hire with the yacht if you don't have a qualified crew member. Hiring your own sailing yacht provides you with a unique way to see Croatia, similar to hiring a car you decide your own itinerary, then stick to that as closely as you like. If you enjoy one destination, feel free to stay longer - its your trip so you decide!

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Itinerary ONE

Itinerary One Itinerary One
DAY 1 | Start

Split, a town on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, is known for its beaches and the fortresslike complex at its center, Diocletian's Palace, erected by the Roman emperor in the 4th century. Once home to thousands, its sprawling remains include more than 200 buildings. Within its white stone walls and under its courtyards and galleries are shops, bars, cafes, cathedrals, hotels and several houses.

Check in is at 5pm at ACI Marina Split, where our base manager will be waiting to welcome you. While your yacht is being prepared for departure this is a good time to purchase any food, toiletries, or other supplies. While your yacht is being prepared for departure this is a good time to purchase any food, toiletries, or other supplies. The nearest Konzum supermarket is only a 15 minute walk from ACI Marina. We would only recommend purchasing enough for the first day or two as there are plenty of stores at each destination to stock up on food during the week.

DAY 1 | Overnight Stay

Set sail from Split and head towards Hvar - one of the most talked about destinations in Croatia. If you’ve never been before, it won’t take you long to understand why everyone loves it here. Hvar’s 2,000+ hours of sunshine each year, buzzing nightlife and spectacular fortress with breath-taking views (follow the footpath and take the climb - you will not be disappointed) make this a place you will never forget and sorely miss the moment you leave. Hvar is home to some of Croatia’s best nightlife, and you’ll discover no end of bars and clubs that will keep you out into the small hours.

Please Note:

  • You can dock in nearby Palmizana Bay if the marina in Hvar Town is full. It is a short water taxi ride away from Hvar, and is often used by travellers spending the night in Hvar. This is also a cheaper option with regards to docking fees than staying in the centre of Hvar itself.


  • Harbours - approx 80 euros, you can pay in cash/card.
  • Mooring buoys - average 30-40 euros, cash only.
DAY 2 | Overnight Stay

Wave goodbye to Hvar island, but don’t feel too bad as you’ll see it again when you dock in Stari Grad later in the week. Korcula, your next destination, is something to get excited about. Korcula packs an incredible amount of history into such a small area, and the compact Old Town bears a striking resemblance to Dubrovnik. There are plenty of small cafes and restaurants to sample a freshly caught seafood dinner, alongside ample clubs and bars that fill with an electric atmosphere as the sun goes down. Korcula is famous for being the birthplace of Marco Polo (don’t argue with the locals on this!) and you can visit the Marco Polo museum in Korcula’s Old Town. All up, Korcula makes for an intriguing and memorable stay.


  • Harbours - approx 80 euros, you can pay in cash/card.
  • Mooring buoys - average 30-40 euros, cash only.
DAY 3 | Overnight Stay

After leaving Korcula, your next stop will be on the island of Lastovo in quaint Zaklopatica bay. Surrounded on all sides by a smattering of dark green forest, this natural bay is a perfect destination for spending a relaxed evening swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying traditional Dalmatian cuisine in small restaurants. Lastovo town is only 2km away, where you can find practicalities like ATMs and mini supermarkets. Lastovo’s medieval stone houses date back to the 14th century - all in a stunning and photogenic natural amphitheatre setting.


  • Mooring buoys - average 30-40 euros, cash only.
DAY 4 | Overnight Stay

Sailing back up north, you head onto Vis. Another popular destination, Vis is mostly known for its military background (the whole island was a fortress), and its excursions to the nearby Blue Caves. Vis used to be known as the “Forbidden Island” and was off limits to foreigners until May of 1992. Today, Vis has an exciting military history with plenty of defenses and bunkers to discover, and is growing into a vibrant tourist destination, despite only having opened up to travellers in the past 20 years. You can visit the Blue Caves with a local agency from Vis - speak to your skipper or base manager for a recommendation. Renting a bike or scooter is a great way to get around on Vis and really take in this delightfully scenic island, streaked with vineyards, charming villages, and sun-soaked mountains amongst its military scars.


  • Harbours - approx 80 euros, you can pay in cash/card.
  • Mooring buoys - average 30-40 euros, cash only.
DAY 5 | Overnight Stay

Make your way across the sea to nearby Hvar island, where you will get to spend the night in Stari Grad - Hvar’s second largest settlement. Stari Grad is steeped in history (it’s name even means ‘Old Town’ in English), and is an up-and-coming travel destination. You can explore Stari Grad on foot and take in its network of cobbled streets and small squares. There are no shortage of bars, cafes and restaurants along the harbourfront to enjoy as the sun goes down. From Stari Grad you can join in on an optional wine tasting excursion to a small vineyard, where you will get to sample fresh olive oil, wine and cheese,


  • Harbours - approx 80 euros, you can pay in cash/card.
  • Mooring buoys - average 30-40 euros, cash only.
DAY 6 | Overnight Stay

From Stari Grad, continue north to Solta, an island that remains relatively untouched, in spite of its close proximity to Split and Trogir. You will spend the night in Sesula Bay on Solta - a quiet, picturesque inlet, perfect for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing. The small village of Maslinica is close by, and is known locally for its beautiful sunsets.


  • Mooring buoys - average 30-40 euros, cash only.
DAY 7 | Overnight Stay

Round off your week on the yacht nicely on a leisurely sail back into ACI Marina in Split. If you would like to celebrate your last night out you couldn’t be in a better place. Split has no shortage of restaurants, bars and clubs for every taste. If you haven’t already spent some time in Split, you should explore the Diocletian Palace area inside Split Old Town (it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is well worth a wander). You can get lost in the backstreets of Split Old Town and the maze of market stalls spilling out into the streets.


  • Harbour - Mooring is free at Split ACI Marina for Sail Croatia Yachts.

DAY 8 | Finish

Check out from your yacht by 8:30am, and say goodbye to your skipper and base manager. Wherever your travels take you next, bon voyage!


Hiring a Skipper

When charting a yacht you have a choice between hiring a qualified Sail Croatia skipper, or with the correct license skippering yourself. Hiring a skipper allows you to relax on your holiday without worrying about navigating the yacht as the skipper will do all the hard work for you.

Skipper your own yacht next summer!

Our skippers are qualified RYA (or equivalent) trained and are more than happy to have a helping hand out at sea and also teach guests what they need to know. Sailing a yacht on your own can be difficult so our skippers can show you the tricks so that you can help them out as well as learn how to sail yourself.


Sail Croatia Yacht Charter
Rated 4.8/ 5 based on 64 reviews in 2016

An amazing experience exploring stunning Croatia by sail boat . Each little village more beautiful than the next . A stunning yatch and a wonderful way to explore Dalmatia.... We will return!!

Susan, Yacht Charter - 01-July, 2017

We love being able to sightsee around the local islands. We had a great time on the boat everything is top notch. The boat is great and our skipper Josip was fantasic, friendly, knowledgeable and made the trip flyby so fast!

Henry, Yacht Charter - 14-July, 2017


Which yacht is right for me?

This depends on your group size as the larger your group the larger the yacht. Select your preferred departure and then sort the results by yacht capacity and this will sort the yachts from minimum to maximum capacity.

Can I learn to sail the yacht?

Yes, you can learn to sail the yacht! Our qualified skipper will be happy to show you the ropes and instruct you on sailing so that by the end of the week you will have learnt something new!

Do I have to hire a Skipper?

No, If you have a valid Skipper license & VHF license, you are welcome to skipper your own yacht! Please ensure your qualifications match those available in the below list. If you are unsure whether your qualification is acceptable, please contact our team immediately. It is essential that you email through a copy to [email protected] prior to your departure as we need to register you with the relevant port authorities.

Please note: It is fine to take a photo of the Skipper’s license on your mobile device and send this to us prior to your departure, however you will need to provide the original (hard copy) license and/or certificate upon check in and carry this with you throughout the duration of the charter. This process helps to avoid any delays on your departure day, and is a legal requirement of chartering a vessel in Croatia.

Where does the skipper sleep?

Normally in one of the cabins. If these are full then they will often sleep in the salon of the yacht has a couch that folds into a bed for the night.

Is there a security deposit required?

Yes a security deposit is required when you check-in for your yacht. This is a hold on your credit card and is released after the yacht is returned, so long as no incidents occurred.

What extra expenses do I need to pay for?

You’ll want to start your week by stocking your boat with food and drink – your skipper will be able to advise you of the best place to shop. It’s customary to pay for your skipper’s expenses for the week, including water taxis, meals and drinks. You’ll also have to pay a local tax for every person on your boat (including skipper & hostess, if applicable) for the number of days travelling. This is payable in cash at the marina.

Does the yacht come with a full tank of fuel?

When picking up the yacht it will have a full tank of fuel. Much like car rental, you are required to return the yacht with a full tank of fuel at the end of the charter. Average fuel costs for a week of sailing are between 100 - 175 euros, depending on the amount of sailing you do.

What are the average mooring costs in Croatia?

Mooring costs vary depending on where you're looking to travel. They range between 40Euro to 80Euro on average per night, depending on the location. More populare destinations often carry higher mooring costs. If you have a skipper, their knowledge of the local areas can help keep costs low, if not free on some occasions.

Where do we check the yachts in and out?

All our yachts are housed in Split’s ACI Marina, located in the heart of Split, about 20 minutes’ walk from the train and bus station and 45 minutes taxi from the airport.

Do I have to pay to reserve a yacht?

No, to reserve a yacht all you need to do is provide us with your contact details and we will hold the boat for you for a short period of time while you decide. You will be notified of your reservation expiry date after you have made the reservation.

How can I confirm my reservation?

A 30% deposit is payable to confirm your reservation with full balance payable 8 weeks before departure. To pay for your yacht charter please visit our Euro Payment Page.

Whats the difference between the Pay Now and Pay Locally price totals?

Due to our yachts operating out of Croatia, some of your yacht charter booking will be required to be paid in the local Croatian currency (Croatian kuna). The Pay Now total is required to be paid in full 8 weeks before departure.

What are obligatory extras?

Obligatory extras are additional items that you will be required to pay for when hiring a yacht. These items vary from yacht to yacht and include items such as final cleaning and Croatia local tax. Please view the yachts obligatory extras section on the yacht details page to see the specific items for each yacht.

What are optional extras?

Optional extras are additional items that you can add to your booking. Please visit the yacht details pages to view the optional extras that are available with each yacht.

How can I book for a different period then what is available on the website?

If you would like to hire a yacht for a different length of time, please submit a request through our Yacht Charter Enquiry Form and we will aim to accommodate you.

What ages are suitable for a Yacht Charter?

All ages are welcome onboard our yachts although practically it is recommended children are able to swim and additional considerations be taken into account such as moving around the yachts, moving booms and ropes, slippery surfaces, boarding and crossing from shore to the yacht. Risks are clearly visible and additional precautions should be taken with children onboard particularly for non-swimmers. For all children onboard we recommend you bring with you well fitted children life jackets and harness with tether system. Remember it is hot in July and August so wearing a life jacket may cause overheating and children to be uncomfortable. Inflatable life jackets with a tether maybe a more suitable option for children. We also recommend the use of nets which go around the yacht, particularly for bookings with children aged 6 and under, and we can organise this at the time of booking

What do I do if something goes wrong with my booking process?

Please contact us either via our Online Contact Form or [email protected] and let us know your problem with as much information as you can.


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