Want to spend your 2018 summer sailing the Adriatic?

Social Media Influencer

We’re currently recruiting for the 2019 summer season, so why not join us for a couple of weeks and travel amongst the beautiful islands of Croatia documenting some of the best ships, clubs, beaches and parties.

The ideal candidate would:
  • Have a very strong social media following and engagement across various platforms (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook etc.)
  • Have a travel and adventure focus across all channels
  • Know how to write engaging and exciting blog posts and take high quality images and videos
  • Post and engage throughout the week, and after the Adventure with us
  • Be available for a minimum of one week, ideally 2 weeks

In exchange for online content (agreeable based on each individual's skill set), successful candidates will receive a free cruise on board one of our ships, including breakfast and lunch daily. Successful candidates must make their own way to one of our cruise starting points (e.g. Split, Dubrovnik) for a Saturday 1pm departure, and cover any other personal costs involved.


If you think you've got what it takes, click here to fill out our online application form.