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Last updated 05 March 2022

How to Guarantee a Double Bed Cabin with Sail Croatia

How to Guarantee a Double Bed Cabin with Sail Croatia

Cabins onboard our Sail Croatia ships come complete with either a double bed or twin beds. We also have a limited number of triple cabins available for families or friends travelling together on certain ships and these cabins usually consist of a double bed and a single bed.

No two ships in our fleet are the same, ensuring a unique experience onboard, each and every time you cruise with us. Due to this, each ship is made up of a different cabin configuration.

Customer experience onboard is also extremely important to us. Our team works hard to make sure groups and genders are distributed evenly onboard, ensuring ship mates quickly become like family! In order to achieve the perfect mix of travellers, we can’t allocate ships and cabins until closer to the departure date.

We understand that double beds are highly sought after, and so we’ve developed a system that ensures our limited number of double bed cabins are distributed fairly between our guests

Double Bed Cabin

The only way to guarantee a double bed cabin on your cruise is to book before any other guests onboard. Double bed cabins are allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and therefore those guests who book first, request a double bed, and have booked a ship/cabin type with double bed cabin options, will be allocated one.

We’re able to confirm a double or twin bed cabin with our Elegance clients at the time of booking due to our confirmed fleet of Elegance Premier Plus ships.

Twin Bed Cabin

For clients booking on our other cruises (including Navigator, Explorer, Cycle & Hike) confirmation of a double or twin bed cabin will occur one week prior to departure, when your ship is allocated.

Croatia is a stunning destination, and we’re sure you will have a wonderful time onboard our Sail Croatia cruises regardless of your cabin allocation.