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Last updated 14 August 2023

Tipping in Croatia

Tipping in Croatia

Your guide to the often tricky world of tipping!

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Whilst it’s not a rule of thumb in countries such as Australia and New Zealand, tipping is a customary action in many European countries, including Croatia. Originating in British coffee houses, tipping is now seen as a way to show appreciation for exceptional service and customer care. Unfortunately tipping is a variable scale, based on personal opinion, so there is no hard and fast rule on an ‘acceptable’ amount to tip.

For the most part, it is considered proper etiquette to give tips to people who work in hospitality and tourism, providing services such as waiters/waitresses, house keepers, taxi drivers, beach vendors, sailors/crew members and parking attendants within Europe. Not only a custom reserved for tourists, tipping is also the norm for locals when having coffee and dining out.

Summer is the peak season for tourist jobs in Croatia, with many locals depending on this time of year to make the most of their annual income. Due to this way of life, many work for weeks on end to supplement their yearly wages and being gratuitous is an appreciated gesture by staff in Croatia.

Sail Croatia Tipping

Sail Croatia Tipping Policy:

Tipping is not compulsory in Croatia, however it is customary, and if you are happy with the service onboard, tips are very much appreciated! At the end of the week you'll have the opportunity to tip your Tour Manager and/or crew anonymously. Tips for the crew are evenly spread between crew members, and tips for the Tour Manager are seperate.

If you feel that your Tour Manager and/or the crew onboard your ship have exceeded your expectations then we encourage you to show a token of your appreciation! The average tip ranges between €40 - €105* per guest, per cruise.

*Please note, these figures are calculated from competitor tipping policies.