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Last updated 08 April 2024

What are the Typical Sail Croatia Drink Prices?

What are the Typical Sail Croatia Drink Prices?
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Sail Croatia Trip Costs

When booking your Sail Croatia cruise, you’ll need to account for extra expenses such as flights to Croatia & travel insurance– and then there will be optional extras like excursions and drinks onboard your ship. Extra expenses will vary depending on your requirements and therefore it is difficult to specify the exact amount of money that you can spend per day; however as a general rule, we suggest that you budget between €30 – €50 per day, as your accommodation, transport and some meals are already covered. This amount will adequately provide you with additional meals, drinks and optional entrances at some notable destinations.

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All of our ships offer fully-stocked bars and have a wide range of refreshing cocktails for those hot summer days lazing about on the top deck. Unless you have specific dietary requirements, you cannot bring food or drink onboard the boat and you will need to purchase drinks from the ship’s bar.

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Below is an example of Sail Croatia drink prices which you can expect on our range of ships & cruises.

Drink Type Size Cost In Euros (€)
Quality white wine 200ml €5-9
Quality white wine 750ml (bottle) €30-45
Quality red wine 200ml €5-9
Quality red wine 750ml (bottle) €30-45
Extra quality white wine 200ml €6-9
Extra quality white wine 750ml (bottle) €60-70
Extra quality red wine 200ml €6-9
Extra quality red wine 750ml (bottle) €60-70
Sparkling wine 750ml (bottle) €40
Cider 330ml €6-8
Red Bull can 250ml €5-6
Cocktails Standard €10-12
Cocktails 1 litre €30
Draught Beer 330ml €4-5
Draught Beer 500ml €6-7
Vodka 30ml €4-9
Whiskey 30ml €4-6
Rum 30ml €4-5
Gin 30ml €4-7
Mineral water 500ml €2
Mineral water 1.5 litres €3
Soft Drink 330ml €4-5
Tea Cup €2
Coffee Cup €2-3

Please note: Prices are based on Navigator, Explorer and Active cruises and are an estimate only. Each ship will have varying price lists and menu options. Up to date prices and menu items will be available onboard and can be checked with your crew once you join your Sail Croatia cruise.


Two meals are included daily on a Sail Croatia Cruise, including a buffet breakfast and 3-course lunch. Guests joining an Explorer or Elegance Croatia Cruise will also take part in our highly regarded Captains Dinner, and exclusive to our Elegance Cruise a Local Village Dinner in included. All other evenings are free for guests to explore the local dining options and indulge in the delicious Dalmatian cuisine on offer. Depending on your budget, you can allocate anywhere between €12 for a pizza and €50 for a seafood dinner.

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There are a variety of excursions available for guests to participate in during their cruise, providing cultural, adrenaline inducing or relaxing experiences for every type of traveller. The price of excursions ranges from €15 for a Historical Walking Tour of Dubrovnik to €80 to fly through the Cetina Valley on a Zip Lining excursion.

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A Sail Croatia Cruise offers something for everyone, with a variety of cruising options available to suit your budget! What are you waiting for! View our Sail Croatia Cruises and get excited about the trip of a lifetime!