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Posted on 26 June 2018

5 Reasons why a Twin Bed Cabin is Good for your Relationship

So, you didn’t manage to get a cabin with a double bed on your Sail Croatia cruise? Never fear! We’ve discovered five reasons why this will be the decision you never knew you wanted to make, eradicating bed hogs, sheet thieves and sweaty cuddles for seven nights of blissful rest.

Below are our top 5 benefits of a twin bed cabin - one of the best things to happen to many travellers on a Sail Croatia Cruise.

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1) It’s getting hot in here

At the peak of the Croatian summer, things tend to heat up – both in and out of your cabin! We can tell you from experience, that spooning just doesn’t work in 30-degree heat. If you’ve booked a cruise with the added luxury of air conditioning then your cabin will soon be transported out of the hot Mediterranean climate into your own cool sanctuary! But the best option in our opinion is just to pop open a porthole and let the balmy summer breeze send you off to sleep, in your own bed, without any sweaty cuddles to keep you up at night.

5 reasons why a twin bed cabin is good for your relationship

2) Silence, blissful silence

Cocktails poured by the litre aren’t uncommon in Croatia, and we all know what that means… the dreaded snoring partner. If that whistle in your ear always seems to occur after a few drinks, rest assured that you’re a little further away from the noise in your twin bed!

3) Spice things up

Ahh, the perfect opportunity to spice up your evening routine. Get inventive with the ways you can make love, not war, in a twin bed cabin. Horizontal spooning? Top to tails? Sure, whatever happens in your cabin, stays in your cabin!

5 reasons why a twin bed cabin is good for your relationship

4) Own it

Once you claim which bed is yours, you are the rightful King (or Queen) of the castle. No star fishing & no sheet wars (unless of course you want to, it is your bed after all).

5) Floor space for days

Cabins fitted with twin beds have slightly more floor space than those with double beds, meaning more room for storage and plenty of room for activities!

5 reasons why a twin bed cabin is good for your relationship

6) All hail the cabin (said no one ever)

You’re in one of the hottest destinations in Europe, taking in the historical sights, stunning natural surroundings and having the best week of your life. Our cabins are just one element of our Sail Croatia cruises and you’ll find the time spent in your cabin is reserved mostly for sleeping in the evenings. Relax and enjoy your Sail Croatia experience