Hiking in Croatia allows you to feel the pulse of the country, and also allows you to experience Croatia from a totally different perspective.

Choosing Croatia for your ideal holiday destination is not at all surprising. You will be hard pressed to find another country with such diverse landscapes, the quantity and quality of unspoiled natural beauty, and such a rich history. Croatia really is the perfect place to kick back and relax whilst you enjoy the sun and the sea. But if you’re up for more than just sunbaking and swimming and you enjoy hiking, then perhaps you should consider a hiking in Croatia holiday – after all, trekking across Croatia’s stunning islands and along its rugged coastline is a great way to spend a week in this wonderful Eastern European country.

Combine all that hiking with a relaxing cruise, island hopping from one stunning location to another on a boat with like-minded people, and fun and exercise is all but guaranteed! Such holidays are hard to find, and planning your own hiking in Croatia holiday is hard work – but that’s where a fully-organised Hike Croatia Cruise might just be too hard to resist.

Hiking in Croatia allows you to feel the pulse of the country, and also allows you to experience Croatia from a totally different perspective. The great thing is that altitudes are not all that challenging, so even if you are not the world’s greatest hiker, you shouldn’t worry about struggling to join in on daily hikes. Of course, the Croatian Coastline is as varying as it is beautiful, so you can expect some hiking trails to be more demanding than others – but most of the time you will be comfortably discovering new, breathtaking views.

Hiking In Croatia: The Ultimate Itinerary Sail Croatia Hike Cruise Map SPLIT - ŠOLTA

Departure from Split harbour, Saturday at 13:00. After lunch, we sail to our first destination, the island of Šolta. This island is one of those special places in Dalmatia where the traditional Croatian way of life has been maintained to the present day. This afternoon we set out on our first hike up Gornje Selo from village of Stomorska. The view from this upper village provides you with a perfect view for your first afternoon in Croatia.

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Today we commence the day cruising the Adriatic and make our way towards the island of Brac, after lunch we will arrive in the town of Bol. Home to the famous Zlatni Rat or Golden Horn beach, this is a must-see as its shape changes with the tide. The option today is to hike the wonderful Vidova Gora, designed for energetic hikers, you can choose to go up to the archipelago’s highest peak at 780 metres above sea level.

The breathtaking panoramic views of the neighbouring island of Hvar on the descent to the beach at Bol are well worth the ascent! Alternatively, you can take a nice hike along the coast to “Dragon Cave” in a nearby village of Murvica.

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Enjoy breakfast on board as we cruise to the beautiful island of Hvar. This afternoon the ship will drop you off for your hike from Hvar Town to Malo Grablje. We will start our hike following a small trail along the coastline before we proceed to the hidden village of Malo Grablje. Enjoy a short break and after this if you would like to explore more of the island, we will continue on to the next village Velo Grablje, which lies on a beautiful viewpoint. Velo Grablje is a village which dates back to the 15th century and it use to be the biggest lavender producer on the island.

We catch our breath and enjoy the view before we head back to Hvar Town. Tonight you can explore the buzzing Hvar Town, deemed the ‘French Riviera’ of the Adriatic, with its electric nightlife and super yachts, meander the back streets for local hidden gems, both shops and restaurants.

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This morning we set sail towards the island of Vis. This is the most remote inhabited island and it is blessed with a more temperate climate than the mainland (warmer in winter, cooler in summer). It has a deserved reputation for producing extremely good food and wine, and the restaurants offer the freshest fish in the Adriatic. Vis has been used over the centuries as a strategic military port and saw action by the Allied military through WWII against Italy and the Germans. Today it is an idyllic island, famous for the outlying Blue Cave, an island cave system accessible only by boat. The blue turquoise water and refracted light into the cave make for exciting and amazing photo opportunities.

Our hike takes us to the town of Vis and from there we head down to the fishing village of Komiža where the boat will be docked. At the top, enjoy the beautiful view of the Dalmatian island and out to the open sea towards Italy.We will spend the night in Komiza.

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Rise and shine early for your chance to visit the spectacular Blue Cave, weather permitting this is a wonderful experience and highly recommended. After the Blue Cave we cruise along the coast down to the stunning island of Korcula to the coastal village of Vela Luka. We commence today’s hike from here to Prigradica, stopping along the way to enjoy the magnificent views Korcula has to offer.

This evening explore this beautiful green island, which was first inhabited by the Greeks, who named the island. Korčula derives from “Korkyra Melaina” which translates roughly as “Black Island”, inspired by the island’s dark appearance from the many dense pine forests. Tonight the ship will be moored in the city of Korcula so you can enjoy the town and its various cafes and restaurants as well as bars and clubs if you wish.

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This morning we make our way back to the mainland and the breathtaking town of Makarska, home of the amazing Biokovo Mountain ranges that hug the Croatian coast. Biokovo Nature park is the second highest mountain range in Croatia with 16 peaks above 1,400 metres. The 25 km long and over 7 km wide mountain range is part of the Dinaric Alps that stretches from Slovenia through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania. The Biokovo Mountains geographical position is midway between a Mediterranean climate and a continental climate resulting in a very unique flora, where plant species from both climate zones meet and grow side by side. This is one of the reasons why Biokovo in 1981 received the prestigious status of Croatian Nature Park.

Once arrived in Makarska you will be picked up and driven to the highest peak, the top of St. Jure (1762 m). The view from the top is one of the best in the Mediterranean. Here you can see the cities of Vrgorac and Imotski and the central part of Bosnia Herzegovina highlands, all the Dalmatian islands and a large part of its coastline, and on a clear day all the way to Monte Gargano in Italy, located more than 250 miles away. We then begin today’s hike, where you get up close to the mountains beautiful rock formations and secret caves down to the 1,421 metres high peak Vosac where the minibus will be waiting to take you back down to Makarska town.

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Today we head back along the coast to Split, enjoy the morning cruising the Adriatic and admiring the Biokovo Mountains that you hiked yesterday. Once in Split we commence the final hike to Marjan Hill, for incredible views over the city of Split and the stunning Adriatic.

Enjoy your final evening exploring Split, from a stroll along the Riva to appreciating the beautiful Diocletian’s Palace and choosing from the plethora of bars and restaurants your final evening has plenty on the agenda!

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Disembark at 9am after breakfast. Whether you are continuing on your exploration of the region on one of our Med Experience Trips or simply catching a flight home – bon voyage!

Hiking in Croatia is an excitement packed adventure that will give you an opportunity to enjoy the great weather and lovely nature up close and personal. Our Hike Croatia Cruise is part of our Active Croatia cruises which are designed to provide you with a different perspective of the country – one which is exquisite and exhilarating, and that allows you to get to know Croatia and all its hidden beauties firsthand.