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Last updated 01 August 2022

Climbing Through Croatia - Destinations on your Hike Cruise

Climbing Through Croatia - Destinations on your Hike Cruise

Rich in various terrains and surrounded by lush greenery, Croatia is home to a magnitude of natural wonders and hidden delights.

Choosing Croatia for your ideal holiday destination is not at all surprising. You will be hard pressed to find another country with such diverse landscapes, the quantity and quality of unspoiled natural beauty, and such a rich history. Croatia really is the perfect place to kick back and relax whilst you enjoy the sun and the sea. But if you’re up for more than just sunbaking and swimming and you enjoy hiking, then perhaps you should consider a hiking in Croatia holiday – after all, trekking across Croatia’s stunning islands and along its rugged coastline is a great way to spend a week in this wonderful Eastern European country.

Combine all that hiking with a relaxing cruise, island hopping from one stunning location to another on a boat with like-minded people, and fun and exercise is all but guaranteed! Such holidays are hard to find, and planning your own hiking in Croatia holiday is hard work – but that’s where a fully-organised Hike Croatia Cruise might just be too hard to resist. Whether you’re looking for a family cruise option or planning on cruising solo, we know you’ll love exploring Croatia on a Hike Cruise!

Hiking in Croatia allows you to feel the pulse of the country, and also allows you to experience Croatia from a totally different perspective. The great thing is that altitudes are not all that challenging, so even if you are not the world’s greatest hiker, you shouldn’t worry about struggling to join in on daily hikes. Of course, the Croatian Coastline is as varying as it is beautiful, so you can expect some hiking trails to be more demanding than others – but most of the time you will be comfortably discovering new, breathtaking views.As travellers on our Hike Cruise, guests will be able to venture first-hand into the picturesque and natural beauty of Croatia including the inhabited, famous and native highlights.

Not too sure what to expect from the cruise? We break down the hiking destinations for you below!

Hiking In Croatia: The Ultimate Itinerary



First destination, Solta, is renowned for its heritage; it is one of the few islands in Croatia that leads and maintains a traditional way of life. Your hike will commute through Stomorska where Gornje Selo is found. This 7km hike is yet to be discovered by much of commercial tourism which makes for the perfect peak to visit as a group, undisturbed by crowds of people. Gornje Selo is an idyllic haven where you will see typical Dalmatian architecture and finally be welcomed with a perfect view, 291m above sea level, of the beautiful sea and island.

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Hike Cruise View

Vis, most famously known for their outlying Blue Caves which illuminates into the most brilliant blue shade, was originally famous because of its strategic military port. It has a deserved reputation for producing extremely good food and wine, and the restaurants offer the freshest fish in the Adriatic. Vis offers a cornucopia of terrain given that it is the most remote inhabited island. This island off Komiža has a long history of generations making a humble living as fishermen and has only recently been open to commercial tourism. Your hike in Vis explores Sveti Andrija over an 8km distance and 263m elevation providing your hike with gorgeous unaltered landscapes.

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Found along the coast of Korčula, and in a deep sheltered bay, Vela Luka dates back to prehistoric times with remarkable archaeological artefacts. Vela Luka, by definition, translates to ‘big harbour’, and it is no surprise that with a big harbour there are big opportunities. Vela Luka has a strong agricultural background in olive growing with an abundance of olive trees bordering the island. Hidden within these olive groves, become enthralled with the megalithic limestone cave, Vela Spilja. In a more casual hike that will occur throughout your cruise, today’s journey covers 4.3km with a 150m elevation bringing you to this site which is understood to be the earliest known home of human life along the Adriatic.

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Stari Grad

Your journey leads to Hvar’s Stari Grad, the oldest town in Croatia. As the oldest town in Croatia, there are many wonders to discover here and the first one will be Purkin Kuk. Set on a hill south of Stari Grad, and 296m above sea level, Purkin Kuk delivers delightful views of the surrounding areas which are well-worth the walk and follows a small trail toward the coast, taking in stone walls and ending at a fortified settlement with megalithic walls. On your decline back to Stari Grad town, enjoy the scenic port dotted with a blend of traditional buildings, restaurants, stands and fishing boats along the riva before wandering inner and exploring the beautiful narrow streets and small squares.

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Hike Cruise Bol

For the more adventurous hiker, our destination Bol brings forth the steepest climb at 780m elevation over a 14km distance to Vidova Gora. Your induction to this hike passes a stone quarry which Brac is famous for. The stone from Bol has been used in Split’s Diocletian Palace, Budapest’s Parliament building as well as the White House in the U.S. Your track will eventually become a rocky path on a steeper incline before you break through some forest enclosed by pine trees. Once you reach the peak of Vidova Gora, you will be met with breathtaking panoramic views with the ability to see the neighbouring island Hvar. For an unforgettable and truly remarkable adventure, the Vidova Gora hike is an experience like no other. For the rest of your time in Bol, it is highly encouraged that you visit the famous Croatian beach, Zlatni Rat which is commonly known as Golden Horn beach!

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Hike Cruise Makarska

Makarska is the magnificent town in which the mountains meet the sea in the most stunning way. Home to the Biokovo Mountain Ranges, the peaks are peppered in shades of green and grey creating a brilliant and deep formation. As one of the two highest mountains in Croatia, Biokovo has 16 peaks above 1400m, the 25 km long and over 7 km wide mountain range is part of the Dinaric Alps that stretches from Slovenia through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania. The Biokovo Mountains geographical position is midway between a Mediterranean climate and a continental climate resulting in a very unique flora, where plant species from both climate zones meet and grow side by side. This is one of the reasons why Biokovo in 1981 received the prestigious status of Croatian Nature Park. Unlike the other trails, this hike will begin at the top of St. Jure - but don’t worry, you’ll be transferred to the top first! At 1762m high, you are greeted with views not only of the cities including Vrgorac and Imotski, but also the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina highlands, all of the Dalmatian islands, to even, if the weather is clear enough, Monte Gargano in Italy. On your descent from St. Jure, over 5.8k, become captivated with the beautiful rock formations first hand before enjoying the liveliness of town - especially spectacular at dusk.

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Omis Hike Cruise

On your final ascend adventure, your trek will take you through the seaside town, Omiš. The beauty of Omiš lies in its location where it sits at the mouth of the Cetina River splitting the Riviera by becoming a spectacular gorge offering some of the most rich and dense habitat in Croatia. On your Omiš agenda is the 8km hike up to Fortica sitting 290m above sea level. This 15ht century fortress sits proudly at the top of the hill and now provides hikers, despite being built as a primary defence against the Ottoman Empire, sensational views of the town. Enjoy the humble appeal of Omiš that nestles itself between Makarska and Split. Once your Omiš outing has concluded, enjoy your last evening exploring Split along the riva, in Old Town or with a farewell meal.

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The Hike Cruise journey offers travellers the opportunity to explore and experience the hidden wonders of Croatia over a seven night stay whereby guests not only have the means to enjoy the sea but also enjoy the land.