Private Bathrooms

Ensuite ships are a great choice if you want the extra privacy and convenience of a toilet and shower in your cabin. Ships within the Ensuite category are typically a little bigger than our Standard ships in size and because of this, take an average of 30 travellers.

Ensuite Ship Guests
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Ensuite Ship
Ensuite Ship Features
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Deck Space

All Ensuite ships have deck chairs to lounge about on and of course you can swim straight off the boat! If you're not a confident swimmer, each ship will have a small tender (dinghies) that the crew can use to ferry you into a nearby bay if you'd rather relax on the beach.

Please note: Ensuite ships do not include air-conditioning. For ships with air-conditioning, please request a Premier or Premier Plus ships.

Ensuite Ships Dining Salon
Dining Salon

The Dining Salon is where breakfast and lunch is served daily, as well as where you'll find the fully stocked and licensed onboard bar. You won't be able to consume your own alcohol onboard the ship, however the drinks provided are cold, well stocked and prices average €4 for wines, €3 for spirits, and €4 for half a litre of beer. Local and imported alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available.

Ensuite Ships Cabins

Cabins are based on twin share and are mostly bunk beds located in Above or Lower Deck cabins. Lower Deck cabins are located in the hull of the boat, whereas Above Deck cabins can be split across two levels; Main Deck & Top Deck. Clean bedding and a cabin fan is provided in each cabin, as well as a cabin towel for personal use. We recommend bringing a beach towel for use on the deck or beaches.

There are normally 3 or 4 triple cabins on each ship, which consist of a double bed and a single bunk. Double beds can be requested, however we are unable to guarantee these as bookings for 3 people in a triple cabin take priority. If available, double beds will be allocated to those who have requested them on a first requested, first served basis.

Ensuite Ship Bathrooms

Private ensuite bathrooms are an inclusion on all Ensuite ships, and feature a shower and WC.

Cabin Plan
Ensuite Ship Plan *Cabin Plans are for illustrative purposes only
How Do I Book An Ensuite Ship? We have a variety of Ensuite Ships available that can accommodate between 22 and 36 guests.
These ships are available to book on a per person basis or as a ship charter.
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Ensuite Ships operate on our Navigator Cruises, Cycle Cruises and Hike Cruises.

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Charter an Ensuite Ship

Ensuite Ships are available to book as a ship charter, allowing groups to have an entire ship to themselves.