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Our Standard Ships are a great option if you want excellent value for money and don't mind sharing showers and toilets. Operating exclusively on our Croatia Navigator Cruises they are most popular with our groups and younger travellers. Similarly they are also popular with our budget conscious independent travellers on extended travels throughout Europe.

These ships are made up of Above and Below Deck cabins. The cabins are are based on twin share (bunk beds) with separate toilets and showers on the main deck of the ships.

Our Standard boats average 1 shower/toilet to every 5-6 passengers. The cabins are quite small and come complete with all your bedding. You will need to bring towels for personal use and for swimming.

Please see below a selection of images from ships in our Standard fleet.


All of these boats have fully stocked and licensed bars. You won't be able to consume your own alcohol onboard the boats, however the drinks provided are cold, well stocked and prices average at £2.50 for wine and spirits, and £2 for half a litre of beer. Local and imported drinks are available.

All the boats have deck chairs to lounge about on. If you're not a confident swimmer all boats have small tenders (dinghies) which the crew use to ferry people into the bays if you want to sit on the beaches rather than swim off the boat.

The crew onboard our Standard ships work hard to remain part of our Navigator fleet. We have been working with our captains and families for many seasons now and as we are the largest in this market, we have been lucky enough to bring together the best Standard ships in operation perfectly suited to our independent travellers because of the styling and the friendly nature of the crews onboard.

Standard Ship Cruises

Ship Type Comparison

  Premier Plus Ship Premier Ship Ensuite Ship Standard Ship   Yacht Charter
  Premier Plus Premier Ensuite Standard   Yachts
Breakfast and lunch included    
Dining area, bar & sundeck  
Ensuite cabins      
Towels provided    
Air conditioning        
Daily Cabin Service          
Extra large cabins 10 - 12M2          
Extra large salon & deck area