Value for Money

Our Standard Ships are most popular with groups of friends and solo travellers, as the small group experience onboard often means tight-knit groups and a very social experience!

Operating exclusively on our Navigator Cruises, this Ship Type is a great option if you want excellent value for money and don't mind sharing showers and toilets with your fellow travellers.

Standard Ships are also popular with budget conscious, independent travellers on extended travels throughout Europe.

Standard Ship Guests
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Standard Ship Swimming
Standard Ship Features
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Deck Space

Standard ships feature sun decks that are perfect for relaxing, unwinding and of course, jumping from the boat at your daily swim stop! Each Standard Ship offers both full sun and shaded areas to socialise in.

Standard Ships Dining Salon
Dining Salon

The Dining Salon is where breakfast and lunch is served daily, as well as where you'll find the fully stocked and licensed onboard bar. You won't be able to consume your own alcohol onboard the ship, however the drinks provided are cold, well stocked and prices average €4 for wines, €3 for spirits, and €4 for half a litre of beer. Local and imported alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available.

Standard Ships Cabins

Standard ships are made up of Above and Lower Deck cabins, which are based on twin share (bunk beds), with separate toilets and showers on the main deck of the ships. Each cabin has a fan and clean linen and bedding. Please note: you will need to bring towels for personal use and swimming.

Standard Ship Bathrooms

Standard ships offer shared bathroom facilities and average 1 shower/toilet to every 5-6 passengers. These facilities are usually located on the main deck of the ship and each bathroom provides a toilet, shower, basin and mirror.