As one of the most comfortable and spacious catamarans on the market, it's no wonder Lagoon catamarans have such a cult following!

Learn more about their cutting edge approach to sailing vessels below.

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Lagoon was born with performance in mind in 1984 under the Jeanneau brand. Today it is one of the largest catamaran manufacturers in Europe, producing award winning catamarans from their Head Office and Shipyard in Bordeaux, France.

Since the very first catamaran that was created, Lagoon have been upgrading each model with cutting edge technology and a modern approach to design, focusing on comfort, safety and maximised living spaces.

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Lagoon catamarans offer a sleek, luxurious and safe sailing experience.

Their innovative design and cutting edge technology make them a highly sought after catamaran for those looking to charter a vessel in Croatia.

Although each model is unique in its design, open-planned spaces with increased usability, both indoors and outdoors, are central to all Lagoon catamarans.

This unique approach to their design combined with stability, safety and reliability, ensures a Lagoon catamaran is the perfect vessel for hosting families and large groups onboard.

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Lagoon catamarans come in a variety of sizes, with the smallest vessel in the fleet coming in at 38'6", making it perfect for family sailing. On the other end of the scale, the largest catamaran in the lagoon family sits at a whopping 78'3", making it the most luxurious and sleek yacht in the Lagoon fleet.

Whatever your sailing style, group size or creature comforts, there is a Lagoon catamaran to suit everyone!

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Lagoon Catamarans

Innovation is at the core of all Lagoon vessels, meaning that they're constantly releasing new and improved versions of their initial prototype. The Lagoon fleet currently offers 9 different catamarans, all ideal for comfortable, safe cruising.

If you're looking to charter a Lagoon catamaran in Croatia, check out the most popular catamarans in the Sail Croatia fleet below, all available as Private Yacht Tours and some are also available as Bareboat Yacht Charters for licensed skippers.

Recommended Lagoon Catamarans
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Hostess Included
Lagoon 55 | Jolene from €22,759
Lagoon 42 | Blackbird from €2,859
Lagoon 42 | Kingfisher from €2,859
Lagoon 400 S2 | Sundance from €1,978
Lagoon 450F | Dragonfly from €3,739
Lagoon 46 | Alley Cat from €5,719
Lagoon 46 | Hound Dog from €5,819
Lagoon 50 l Spellbound from €10,724
Lagoon 42 | Jubilo from €3,079