Sail Croatia is a family-owned business specialising in cruises around the stunning coastline of Croatia. We operate with traditional standards and values including a high level of personalised customer service and exceptional operational service on the ground.

We've been operating since 2005 and, as market leaders, we are now in the enviable position of having the best ships to work with in Croatia. We choose only to work with ships and crews who we trust to meet our high levels of customer service. Our management team, sales staff and onboard representatives work hard, together with our captains and crew, to help better serve our customers' needs.

We strongly believe in supporting sustainable tourism by investing in small and locally-run businesses. As such, each of the ships we charter throughout the season is family-owned and operated. The ships employ local staff members, many from within their own family network and home communities along the coast. This is important to our business as it is a direct investment back into these communities and offers a more authentic and traditional experience to our customers.

We share our responsibility to protect Croatia's environment, customs and traditions with our guests and require that our travellers respect the Captain and have consideration for his boat, as it represents his family's livelihood.

We celebrate the Croatian culture and deeply respect the country's history and recent hardships. Croatia has risen over the last 10 years to now be one of the most vibrant and exciting holiday destinations in Europe.

There are not many places in the Mediterranean that can offer you a truly authentic and traditional experience whilst also being well organised and genuinely caring for its visitors. We believe Croatia, and many of her neighbours, provides all this and more. We look forward to helping you explore this beautiful corner of the world.

Grant Seuren


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