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Last updated 12 February 2024

Mobility whilst sailing

Mobility whilst sailing

This resource aims to help guests make an informed decision about sailing with Sail Croatia, bearing in mind any mobility and accessibility issues they may have.

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Mobility on our Small Ship Cruises

Passengers will encounter steep stairways, (higher than average step height) when embarking on our ships, and there are stairs to climb between the deck levels. With no lifts/elevators available onboard.

Due to the narrow corridors and the flights of stairs required to get between deck levels, a wheelchair / mobility scooter would not be suitable on one of our small ships. If the wheelchair is able to fold up, you are welcome to bring it onboard and store it in your cabin to use whilst in port. However, we need to make you aware that at some ports the ship will anchor off-shore, and guests are taken to shore by small taxi-boats.

It is also common for ships in Croatia to moor-up side by side so that guests will need to hop over gaps between ships, or walk on planks when crossing from one boat to another.

For ease of access into the sea at our swim stops, Queen Jelena has easy access steps into the water, and Olimp has easy access steps and the addition of a water ramp. Please feel free to bring your own swimming aids onboard with you as floaties/water toys are not always available.

Mobility whilst sailing Mobility whilst sailing

Mobility on our Yachts and Catamarans

When moored in a marina, guests can access the yacht from the mainland via a wooden gangway which can be quite steep depending on the sea level at the time, please be aware that the gangway normally does not have handrails available. When the yacht is anchored at sea, access to the mainland will be via a tender boat / dingy, so we require guests to be able to get into and out of this boat should they wish to visit ports where we cannot dock.

Due to their compact design, there may be some challenges when moving around the yacht for guests with limited mobility. Guests should also be aware of trip hazards and use the hand rails which are there to aid movement safely, especially when sailing in rocky seas.

Mobility whilst sailing

Some yachts have very steep stairs for access to below-deck areas, including the cabins, kitchen and bathrooms, in these circumstances we advise guests to face the stairs and use the handrails on the sides.

Mobility whilst sailing

Guests who would like to take advantage of our daily swim stops please be aware that to re-enter the yacht you may need to climb a ladder and there may be a swell or current you will need to be aware of. Some yachts and catamarans have swimming platforms (available on Hound Dog and Slice of Heaven) and some have easy access steps into the water (Sizzle and Morpheus)

Mobility whilst sailing Mobility whilst sailing Mobility whilst sailing

While we don't require information about the extent of your limited mobility, the more information you can share with us, the better we will be able to advise you on what options are available for you.

If you have any questions, our Sales Team are available to help you.