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Last updated 09 November 2023

Is It Safe To Travel To Croatia?

Is It Safe To Travel To Croatia?

Updated: 30 October, 2023

Croatia, home to incredible coastlines, brilliant blue waters, charming Old Towns and a rich history! In recent years, Croatia has risen in popularity with travellers itching to discover the beauty we know and love. But of course, a question many should consider is, ‘is Croatia safe?’. Regardless of where you’re travelling to, it’s always important to consider this before setting off – so be sure to read on!

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Is Croatia safe?

You’ll be pleased to hear that yes, Croatia is a safe country and safe for travellers to visit. In fact, it ranks 15th on the Global Peace Index’s safest country in the world, outranking both the UK (37th) and USA (131st)!

Various global travel advisories recognise Croatia as a safe place to visit and with low crime rates, one of the lowest in Europe, Croatia offers travellers a safe travel escape.

Is it safe to walk at night in Croatia?

Whilst it’s always important to be aware of your surroundings travelling or not, particularly during the evenings, when it comes to the safety of walking at night, Croatia almost reigns supreme! Croatia was ranked the second safest European country when walking alone at night, scoring a high 77.4, only just behind Slovenia’s 78.4 ranking.

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What to be careful of in Croatia

Although ranking high on the safety scale, it’s beneficial to exercise normal safety precautions when you visit.

Some potential things to be cautious of in Croatia include petty theft and local scams, however, for the majority, these fall quite low on the list.

Croatia has very low levels of crime, making it an ideal travel destination for families, groups of friends and even solo travellers.

Is English widely spoken in Croatia?

Yes! With the rise in tourism to Croatia, English has also become popular throughout the country. Within the mainland, there may be areas where this is less popular, however along the coast it’s more common than not to find bilingual (maybe even trilingual!) locals ready to assist you.

We recommend learning some basic Croatian words and phrases to help you throughout your time in Croatia. It’s a great way to show respect to the locals and may be useful if you’ve found yourself in a little pickle!

Brush up on some sayings and words for your next visit with the help of our Basic Phrases guide here.

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Travelling in Croatia

Whether you’re getting around by bus, boat, or Uber, Croatia is well-connected making travelling quite a breeze

Public transport is very reliable which tends to run on a tight schedule, and the ferry system is easy to navigate with booths at the port or online portals available to purchase tickets.

When it comes to personal travel to Croatia, consider the following:

  • Travel Insurance - whilst not mandatory it’s always good to have
  • A copy of your passport
  • A list of emergency numbers - whilst no-one plans for things going wrong, having help available at hand is a good idea
  • A local sim card - these are often reasonably priced and are a great option for travellers in town for longer than a couple of days


And for the water…

Be careful of sea urchins! These spiky sea critters are quite common in Croatia. As they tend to dot the shore and rockline, water shoes are recommended for rocky beaches because a needle to the foot is not ideal!

Drinking water however is something you won’t even have to think twice about! With an abundance of fresh water springs throughout the country, and the largest water reserve in Europe, water sources are fresh making tap water great quality and safe to drink in Croatia! Fill up your water bottle at many fountains, including Dubrovnik’s Onofrio’s!


Rest assured that when travelling to Croatia safety will not be your highest concern – or a concern at that!

Whilst we will endeavour to keep this resource up to date, you can find the most up to date Croatia travel advice and Croatia travel updates via the Croatian Ministry of Tourism website.