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Last updated 06 October 2022

The Life of a Sail Croatia Skipper

The Life of a Sail Croatia Skipper

Spending the week onboard a yacht with a Skipper you’ve just met may feel daunting, but fear not, our experienced Skippers will put your mind at ease and ensure your experience is one you’ll never forget!

We are proud of our Skippers, who have been working with us for many years now. All of our Skippers have completed extensive training to ensure they are perfect for the varied and demanding role of a Sail Croatia Skipper.

After detailed practical and theoretical training, our licensed Skippers start their Sail Croatia journey by working on our infamous Flotilla. Here Skippers will learn the ropes (pun intended!) of practical sailing, whilst catering to 18-35 year old travellers who are looking to explore Croatia and its nightlife.

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With added training, Skippers will then progress to our Private Yacht Tours - offering a personalised sailing experience to honeymooners, groups of friends or those travelling as a family.

All of our Skipper have the opportunity to grow as our fleet of vessels grows. Skippers start their career with Sail Croatia on our smaller 30ft yachts and work their way up to our largest and most luxurious catamarans, such as Dragonfly , as their experience and confidence grows. Regardless of your group size, vessel type or style of holiday, we have the perfect Skipper for your vacation.

Sail Croatia Skipper

Our Skippers aren’t just sailing your yacht for the week! As a jack of all trades, your Skipper will double as your safety instructor, itinerary planner, TripAdvisor replacement and friend.

We’ve detailed a description of your Skipper’s role onboard below:


Check in is where you will be introduced to your allocated Skipper for the week. Skippers will discuss any must-see destinations and get a feel for the experience that you’re after (, relaxing, partying etc.) before planning your 7 day itinerary with you. Distances, secluded bays and hidden gems will all be taken into account by your Skipper to ensure a seamless sailing experience. They will provide a thorough introduction to your home for the week, covering everything you need to know onboard, as well as the all important safety briefing.

Sail Croatia Skipper


Our Skippers will ensure the safety of all guests onboard, but they will also cater to your sailing needs. Depending on your preference, Skippers can follow the traditional route of using nothing but the wind and sails, or if you’d prefer to get to your next destination quickly, they’ll turn on the engine on and go full steam ahead! Our Skippers are more than happy to show those who are interested how to sail the yacht - so don’t be shy!

Sail Croatia Skipper

Your Very Own Tour Guide

Whilst the Skippers role is, first and foremost, to get you from A to B safely, they’re also full of passion and knowledge on Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast. Skippers always have a story to tell, from yet to be proven myths passed down from generation to generation, to Croatia’s struggles during the Balkan war.

As well as the odd History lesson, our bilingual Skippers will come in handy when your ‘Croatian-For-Beginners’ handbook fails. Skippers are available to help you with directions, recommend restaurants, or even book excursions for you.

Sail Croatia Skipper

More Than Just A Skipper

Spending a week onboard a yacht with your Skipper will quickly cement a friendship that often extends past the 7 days spent on the Adriatic Sea.

If you’re looking for a personalised sailing experience complete with an incredible Skipper, look no further than our Private Yacht Tours.