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Last updated 04 March 2022

5 Benefits of Setting Sail on a Wednesday or Sunday

5 Benefits of Setting Sail on a Wednesday or Sunday

There is something about the wind in the sails and gentle rocking of the sea that will instantly put anyone at ease, but it can often take a fair bit of patience and planning to get to this point. We’re about to let you in on a little secret….departing for your sailing holiday in the middle or the end of the week is simply effortless. Intrigued? Below we’ve listed the top 5 reasons why:

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1. Flights on a Wednesday or Sunday are Cheaper

The savvy travellers amongst us have probably cottoned on to the airline's tricks, but for the rest of us, we simply book flights to our chosen destination when it is convenient for us. Unbeknown to many travellers, flights scheduled for the beginning to middle of the week are often a lot cheaper than flights departing from Thursday to Saturday, due to demand. If you take advantage of a Wednesday or Sunday yacht departure, you can often nab a cheaper flight, or even arrive in Split a couple of days earlier to explore the UNESCO protected city before you depart, in order to secure cheaper flights.

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2. No Crowds at the Marina Check-in

You’d be forgiven for thinking you had arrived at your own private marina if your Private Yacht Tour departs on a Wednesday or Sunday. Unlike Saturdays at ACI Marina, alternative departure days are calm and quiet, allowing guests to enjoy their check-in process. Saturdays see hundreds of yachts and catamarans checking in and out of the marina, meaning luggage trolleys, staff members and spots at the cafe are in high demand. With significantly less people in the marina on alternative days, check-in is a breeze!

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3. Get onboard Earlier

Due to the high number of charters departing on a Saturday, it is standard procedure for a check-in time to be 5pm. Fewer vessels in the marina on a Sunday and Wednesday mean shorter waiting times, and an early check-in of 2pm on our Sunday or Wednesday departures. An earlier check-in means more sailing time to get to your island of choice on day one!

Croatia Early Check-in

4. Less Crowded Ports

Majority of yacht departures take place on a Saturday, and with most yachts travelling in the same direction on the same day, it's likely that popular destinations such as Hvar, are busy on the same days! If you want to avoid the rush altogether, Sunday and Wednesday departures will be a great alternative, as you will be travelling on a different schedule to your fellow sailors!

Another important element to note is that it can be difficult to find mooring at popular destinations in the peak season, so following an itinerary that goes against the grain is sure to make mooring easy! You can create your itinerary to ensure you’re visiting hot spots like Hvar or Korcula on a weekday, which might even mean you have those famous secluded bays all to yourself!

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5. Hassle-free check in/out

No one wants to finish their sailing experience by sitting in a fuel line! Re-fuelling on a Friday afternoon before check-in is a necessary task that can see sailors spending hours waiting in line. Less time refuelling = more time sailing!

If you’re looking for an effortless sailing experience, a Wednesday or Sunday departure on a Private Yacht Tour is just what you need! Private Yacht Tours include an experienced Skipper, fuel costs, a flexible itinerary and return airport transfers, so all that's left for you to do is arrive at ACI Marina on a Wednesday or Sunday afternoon ready to set sail!

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