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Last updated 05 March 2022

What Are The Croatia Visa Requirements?

What Are The Croatia Visa Requirements?

If you’re joining us on a Sail Croatia Cruise and you hold a British, U.S, Canadian, European, Australian or New Zealand passport, then you will not need a visa for to enter Croatia. If you are a permanent resident of any other country, including South Africa, you are required to obtain a visa before departing to Croatia.

The visa process is generally quite straightforward and fortunately, we are yet to have a situation where a passenger has been refused a visa – although we understand the process of applying in South Africa has become more stringent, so please allow plenty of time and consult with the Croatian Embassy for more information.

Once we have confirmed your booking with us and a deposit or full payment has been made, we will issue you with two key documents.

  1. A confirmation invoice, which outlines your booking with Sail Croatia and your boat name which is required.
  2. Pre-departure information, which has your itinerary and local contact information of our Croatian representative office.

If you do require a visa for Croatia, please check the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs‘ website for visa requirements, or contact the Croatian Embassy in your country.

Will you need a visa for Croatia?

I'm A Citizen Of Visa Required?
Australia No
New Zealand No
United States No
Canada No
United Kingdom No
Ireland No
South Africa Yes - Read more
United Arab Emirates No