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Last updated 03 March 2022

10 Simple Ways to Battle Seasickness on a Cruise

10 Simple Ways to Battle Seasickness on a Cruise

Below we’ll list the different remedies used to help ease your motion sickness and allow you to enjoy your cruise to the fullest!

1. Book the right cruise

You’ll be pleased to hear that the Croatian Islands are relatively protected (due to the fact that there are over 1,000 of them!). Thanks to neighbouring islands offering protection from the wind, cruising through the Dalmatian islands is a wholly enjoyable experience! The custom built small ships that operate within Sail Croatia’s fleet are built specifically for comfortable, smooth sailing. Unlike major cruise liners, our ships don’t travel on open seas, ensuring that land is usually always in sight! Each night your ship will dock in a new destination, ensuring you have plenty of time to explore the quaint Old Towns and that you enjoy a restful nights sleep in a protected harbour!

Book the right cruise

2. Pack your medication

If you know that being on a cruise has made you nauseous in the past, act wisely and pack motion sea sickness tablets in advance. Not only can your doctor prescribe them and give you advice on which ones to use, but nowadays you can also buy them over-the-counter in many drug stores.

3. Get some air

If you start to feel seasick at any point on the boat, staying in your cabin might not be the best idea. A change of environment and some cool fresh air can definitely help you feel better, and there’s no better place than on the sun deck!. Once you feel the fresh wind on your face, you will feel much calmer soon enough.

Get some air

4. Use anti-nausea wristbands

Anti-nausea wristbands are the latest innovation to help prevent seasickness and many people are convinced it works for them. Small acupressure wristbands are embedded with a plastic bead that triggers against a pressure point on your wrist to relieve nausea. Not only are they easy to wear, but you can find them in both adult and children's sizes. Another benefit of these wristbands is that you can purchase them without a prescription, so if you’re short on time or would like a natural remedy for avoiding motion sickness, this could be the ideal solution for you!

5. Watch the horizon

If you are seasick, a good option is to spend as much time as possible outside on the deck. Another useful tip is to try and focus on the horizon. The horizon is often used to regain the balance of your senses which become disconnected by physical movement. Watching the water whilst sailing can cause you to become disoriented and seasick, whereas the horizon is a stable point that will help to balance your inner ear - trust us, even Navy officers have been using this trick for years!

Watch the horizon

6. Avoid books and screens

For months you have envisioned yourself on the back of a boat with both a book and a cocktail in hand. However, once onboard, you may realise that it (the book, not the cocktail, surprisingly) causes motion sickness for you. Although we would not want to stop you from soaking up written words wisdom, if you’re prone to sea sickness, you might want to avoid reading whilst sailing, as it can disturb the balance in your middle ear and make you feel ill.

7. Eat specific food

Did you know that certain foods can actually alleviate the nausea caused by motion sickness? One of those "magical" ingredients is ginger, which can be found as a powder, tea, pill and candy. Yes, you heard us! You can take candy ginger with you on your cruise and have a great vacation snack! Some also suggest that eating items such as fresh vegetables, green apples, salty crackers or lemon with water can help with nausea.

Eat specific food

8. Avoid itineraries with few stops

It’s important to pick an itinerary that has as many stops as possible, if you are prone to getting seasick. Itineraries with frequent port stops will give you the chance to go on land every now and then and regain your sense of balance.

9. Ship size matters

Apart from picking the right location, make sure you also pick the right ship size. For those unlucky enough to experience motion sickness, picking a larger boat would be a wise option, since they use stabilizers that can make your sailing experience a lot more comfortable… In fact, you might be surprised to realise how little you feel the movement onboard and how easy-going your vacation turned out to be!

Ship size matters

10. Sleep through it

The rule that applies here is the following - if you sleep through something, it did not happen! Although it is better to be outside on deck whenever you feel sick onboard, another option is to go inside your cabin and lay down, lifting your feet from the rocky ground. If you manage to fall asleep and wake up when your ship arrives in port you will be rested enough for your next adventure!

Although being seasick is a horrible feeling, don't let the this prevent you from embarking on your cruising experience! There are plenty of things you can do to control your nausea and make sure your vacation goes according to plan. Once you come back from your cruise with amazing memories, motion sickness will be the last thing you remember!