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We’re re-defining the outdated definition of a cruise.

You won’t find casinos, lap pools, or cabaret shows on our cruises, but rather relaxing sundecks, welcoming staff and cosy saloons that create the perfect setting for intimate experiences with like minded travellers.

If joining hundreds of people on a cruise isn’t your cup of tea, then perhaps our luxury small ship cruises are perfect for you.

A Sail Croatia cruise is vastly different from a traditional cruise, and we’re here to tell you why!

Experience authentic Croatian cuisine

Our aim is to facilitate an authentic Croatian experience. A huge part of Dalmatian culture is food, and we also take this very seriously! Breakfast and a 3-course lunch are provided daily by your local onboard chef. Evenings are reserved for immersing yourself in the local cuisine, however a traditional village dinner and captains dinner evening are included for two nights on the cruise. For the rest of the week, you’re free to explore the cute waterfront towns, discovering the cobblestone streets and experiencing the very best of Croatian delicacies and cuisine. We’ve found this creates the perfect balance of time onboard and local experiences.

Smooth sailing

Cruise ships often travel hundreds of miles out to sea, which can mean unpredictable weather and swell that can cause sea sickness. Our ships travel between the protected islands of Dalmatia, ensuring you aren’t in the open sea for long, if at all. Whilst some passengers do get sea sickness from time to time, it is uncommon in the protected seas of the Adriatic. Sail Croatia Difference

Explore each destination at your leisure

On a traditional cruise, small boats will ferry passengers from the cruise ship to their destination for a few hours, before piling guests back into the boat and transporting them back to the floating hotel until the next port. This is where a Sail Croatia Cruise is fundamentally different! Our cruises dock overnight in each destination, bringing you into the midst of each town/harbour. Our ships usually dock by mid-afternoon, ensuring guests have plenty of time to explore each destination at their leisure, participate in optional activities or indulge in local cuisine in one of the restaurants that line the waterfront! Sail Croatia Difference

Plenty of deck space to relax and unwind

Towels reserving deck chairs and elbows ready to fight for a place in the pool are a thing of the past on a Sail Croatia Cruise. These ships are custom built for small ship cruising and carry a maximum of 38 guests, plus crew, at any one time. Ample deck space and lounge chairs to cater for everyone means that no one misses out! Each Elegance Premier Plus ship comes complete with an onboard jacuzzi or splash pool, so those who aren’t confident plunging straight into the cool, calm waters of the Adriatic can still stay refreshed onboard. Sail Croatia Difference

Swim off the back of the boat

This point speaks for itself! Daily swim stops straight from the back of the ship are our idea of heaven!

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