Whether you’re looking for a few beers overlooking the city walls, or a few fancy cocktails, you’ll find your perfect drinking spot in DubrovnikBeerCocktail

Before our ships arrive into Dubrovnik, the inevitable question of ‘where the best places to go out?’ comes up – and we don’t blame you! Whether you’re looking for a few beers overlooking the city walls, or you’re in search of a few fancy cocktails, you’ll find your perfect drinking spot in Croatia’s jewel in the crown.

When deciding on where to spend your night out entirely depends on exactly what it is you’re looking for. Wild all-night parties, or perhaps something a little more tame and authentic, like little spots that locals frequent away from the crowds, but packed with fun and excitement?

Here’s our pick of the very best bars in Dubrovnik. Bottoms up!

1. Buža Bar

Let’s kick this list off with Buža Bar. It’s a must see and you’ve all probably already heard about it. Buža gets its name from its entrance – a small hole (buža) in the side of the city walls that leads you to a great (albeit often overcrowded) beach bar perched on the cliffs. It is nestled on the outside of the city walls, facing the sea, and offers beautiful views of the island of Lokrum.

Be warned; the place is usually packed with foreigners and the prices reflect that. But that view…Love Eyes

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2. Caffe Bar Fontana Caffe Bar Fontana, Dubrovnik

Caffe Bar Fontana is very close to the Buža; in fact, it’s right across the street. Since it’s in the city centre, it’s also full of people at all times but the prices are more than reasonable. You will definitely get your money’s worth if you decide to visit. It is open until the wee hours of the night but come early otherwise, you will be hard-pressed to find a table!

3. Celtic Bar Belfast Celtic Bar Belfast, Dubrovnik

Belfast, or Belfa as the locals call it, is not smack-bang in the middle of the Old Town. It’s in the Lapad peninsula (a residential suburb of Dubrovnik that lies about 3km northwest of the Old Town) away from the touristy crowds. What we love about Belfa is the fact that locals frequent it, which is always a good sign of quality. Prices are reasonable and the staff are incredible – friendly, funny, and approachable.

4. EastWest Beach Club on Banje Beach EastWest Beach Club on Banje Beach, Dubrovnik EastWest Beach Club on Banje Beach, Dubrovnik

The next one on the list is pretty much a must-see. EastWest bar is located right outside the city walls on the city’s most popular pebble beach. It’s open around the clock. During the day it’s a beach bar but transforms into a nightclub as soon as the sun sets.

Go there if you’re ready to rub elbows with every tourist visiting the city, which isn’t always a bad thing. We highly recommend it because the views of the Old Town and Lokrum are spectacular!

5. Culture Club Revelin Culture Club Revelin, Dubrovnik

Put your party hat on. If you’re ready to play up, then culture Club Revelin is something you will NOT want to miss out on! Revelin is a great place to go to after your usual run around the city – it’s open until early morning hours and there are usually concerts and performances happening.

It’s also located inside an old fort in the city walls so you get to see inside the colossus you’ve walked over a day earlier!

6. Bistro Izvor Dubrovnik Bistro Izvor Dubrovnik

This is one of our favourite place in the whole of Dubrovnik – it’s out of the way but so worth it! Bistro Izvor is located at the spring of river Ombla in the suburbs of Dubrovnik called Mokošica. If you have the time, make sure to visit it. It’s open until well past midnight (not until early morning so you still have the time to visit all the other places in the Old Town).

They serve fantastic local wines and you can also try local delicacies at more than reasonable prices.

7. Cave Bar More 7. Cave Bar More, Dubrovnik

As the name suggests, Cave bar More is located in a cave! It’s part of the President Valamar Hotel just outside the Old Town. You definitely don’t have to stay in the hotel to visit the bar though.

If you have the time you can relax in it during the day, listening to the serene crashing of the waves on the cliffs walls or you can come in the evening and party it up in the cave with the best selection of local wines that the city has to offer!