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Last updated 14 December 2022

Croatia's Best Beaches

Croatia's Best Beaches

So you’re visiting Croatia (or dreaming about it) and the first thing you want to do is get sand between your toes and dive headfirst into the beautiful turquoise Adriatic Sea. The question is, with so many famous beaches, which should you add to the must-see list for your beach holiday?! Well, you’re in the right place, read on to find out…

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1. Zlatni Rat, Brač

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The Island of Brač is best known for its beautiful beach Zlatni Rat or “Golden Horn”. This is precisely what this beach is to all Croatians, as precious as gold and breathtaking even from afar. Voted the worlds best beach in 2019, the Zlatni Rat lies on the south side of the island. Due to winds and currents, the beach is formed as an extended horn around 450 meters into the clear blue sea. This long golden pebble beach also changes shape with the currents and prevailing winds which also provide the perfect conditions for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Lined with pine trees, the view of the beach is beautifully contrasted against “Vidova Gora” the highest peak on the Adriatic islands.

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2. Banje Beach, Dubrovnik

Banje Beach

Heading south along the Adriatic coast you cannot miss the alluring and historic town of Dubrovnik, one of the most popular destinations, not only in Croatia, but in Europe. Contributing to its popularity are the stunning beaches nearby, such as Banje Beach, located east of the city’s Old Town. If you’re planning on visiting a Dubrovnik beach that is relaxing and tranquil, then look no further, as it’s surrounded by 5-star hotels, equipped with deck chairs, umbrellas and showers, creating the ultimate relaxing experience. If you’re looking for great activities in Dubrovnik then Banje Beach is your pick, offering watersports such as jet skiing, or even paragliding!

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3. Zrće, Pag


So far, we’ve mentioned some secluded bays and beaches, and popular beaches, but there is not a single beach as popular as Zrće beach on the party island of Pag. Known for its party life and numerous clubs, it’s no wonder Pag and Zrće beach, located around 3 km southwest of Novalja, are often referred to as the ‘Croatian Ibiza’. Here is where you will find clubs and bars right on the beach. Completely opposite to Stiniva beach, Zrće Beach is a large, easily accessible beach, full of people and music. It is the place to be if you are looking to party on the beach, especially from June to September when there are festivals, themed parties and guest appearances from world-famous DJs.

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4. Bačvice, Split


Credit: Photo: Aleksandar Gospić / CNTB

Bačvice is the central beach in the town of Split and a top beach to enjoy the sunshine at! Popular as a family beach, it also attracts people to play a game of picigin, a unique Dalmatian sport that involves preventing a small ball from hitting the water. There is definitely something for everyone at this fun Split beach. There are plenty of coffee places inviting you to grab a coffee or a refreshing cocktail along the beach. Many bars and clubs open along the waterfront late in the evening, turning the relatively calm beach into a haven for party people!

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5. Stiniva beach, Vis

Stiniva Beach

Situated on the south side of the island of Vis, this beach is nothing less than a scene from a Hollywood movie. The title of the ‘Best Beach in Europe’ was awarded to Stiniva Beach in 2016 and it’s not hard to imagine why. With its unique cliffs and secluded bay, Stiniva beach has helped Vis gain amazing popularity in recent years. A natural limestone arena which opens to the sea will make you feel protected from the world and thankful that you have found your spot on this heavenly beach! Everyone who visits will agree that Stiniva is a real treasure!

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6. Nugul, Makarska


Credit: Photo: Matko Begović / CNTB

Found at the foot of a gorgeous cliff, Makarska’s remote beach Nugul is only accessible by foot or boat. This picturesque cove-like seashore is only 2km from Makarska town harbour and boasts brilliant white sands and turquoise blue waters. One for the exhabitionists, Nugul is a naturists haven! Whilst you can wear your swimmers, just know that if you do go it will predominantly be occupied by naturists. Enjoy your time there playing picigin - and swimming in the water is a must!

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7. Sakarun Beach, Long Island

Sakarun Beach

Credit: Photo: Aleksandar Gospić / CNTB

Just outside the Dalmatian region on the island of Dugi Otok, Sakarun beach shines. With its 800m coastline of white sand facing the bright blue Adriatic Sea, it’s no wonder that this beach is the most popular on the island! It’s shallow waters are calm and warm which make for a lovely snorkel of the area. Indulge in food and drinks that span across this shoreline, making for a glorious day in the sun.

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8. Punta Rata, Brela

Punta Rata

Credit: Photo: Aleksandar Gospić / CNTB

At the foot of the Biokovo mountain range, along the Makarska Riviera, you’ll find some of the most beautiful Croatian beaches. Located in the small town of Brela around 14 km (9 miles) north of Makarska. Equipped with sunbeds and showers, Punta Rata has everything you need to spend the whole day at the beach soaking up the sun! Surrounded by the pristine sea and olive and fig trees, Brela just might become your favourite Croatian destination.

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9. Queens Beach, Nin

Queens Beach

Credit: Photo: Aleksandar Gospić / CNTB

The oldest Croatian royal town is also home to the longest sandy beach in Croatia. Queens beach in Nin is 3km of sandy beach found inside a lagoon. Inside the lagoon, you can snorkel or kayak on the calm and beautiful waters down its long seashore, or battle your friends with some beach volleyball or picigin! If you’re up for something a little more challenging, try your hand at windsurfing around this beach's coastline.

10. Dubovica Beach, Hvar

Dubovica Beach

Credit: Photo: Vjeko Begović / CNTB

As the largest beach in the area, Dubovica is located on the southern coast of the beautiful island of Hvar. If your adventurous spirit takes you to Dubovica, you will find yourself on a beautiful pebble beach in the middle of an emerald green lagoon. The only reason you’d leave the beach is to dive into the crystal clear water. Considering that it’s on the sunniest island in Croatia, it’s picture-perfect almost every day and perfect for a beach holiday! One of the top Hvar beaches? We think so!

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So many beaches, so little time! Why not jump on a Sail Croatia Cruise and explore the best beaches and bays Croatia has to offer by ship!