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Last updated 28 February 2022

Top 10 Pieces of Cycling Equipment

Top 10 Pieces of Cycling Equipment

Cycling abroad? This is the blog for you!

They’re the items no cycler wants to leave behind when they embark on a two wheeled journey, but when you’re planning a number of other things, such as international travel, dealing with luggage limits, or locating important documents, it’s easy to forget a few things!

On the other hand, if you’re looking to experience a new adventure or try something different, knowing what is and what isn’t essential can be overwhelming. This is why we’ve assembled a list of 10 essential pieces of cycling equipment for when you’re cycling abroad.

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1. A Bike

Whilst it may seem like an obvious item to pack when you’re heading off on a cycle tour abroad, it may not be feasible to cart around. If you don’t feel like chewing up your luggage costs, research local rental options at your destination before you travel. From decked out frames perfect for professionals, to beginner-friendly options for the traveller looking to dip their toes into a cycling experience, there are often bikes available to hire that suit every type of active traveller.

If you’re joining a Cycle Cruise, you’ll have the option to hire one of two different bikes; Hybrid Bikes or Electric Bikes.

2. Helmet

Critical for your safety, helmets, just like many other pieces of cycling equipment, have improved over the years. There are helmets available to enhance cooling and even uniquely designed shapes aimed for maximum speed. Whatever your choice, this is definitely a must when you’re cycling in a foreign country. For your convenience, helmets are included in your cycle hire as part of our Cycle Cruise!

3. Sunglasses

If you can, opt for sunglasses that are appropriate for the terrain. Admirably, the sunglass market is very well saturated with plenty of lightweight options to suit all environments. If cycling on tarmac, invest in a good quality road specific pair. Polarised lenses and UV protection are also fairly common and will be your best friend if you’re cruising around in the peak of summer.


4. Padded Shorts

For long distance riding, padded shorts will be your saving grace. Perched on a narrow seat for long periods of time can become restless, but with additional padding, these shorts provide cushioning to make your journey all the more comfortable. Another bonus is that these shorts can be worn on their own, or under clothing as well.

5. Cycling Jersey

The quintessential piece for riders! Not only does a jersey signify your love for the sport, it signifies a spirit of camaraderie when you’re cycling with a group of friends or fellow travellers. These jerseys are designed to keep you cool and dry which is especially important under the summer sun. The long zip is also perfect for additional ventilation as you weave around your cycle track!

Cycling Jerseys

6. Basic Tools

The type of tools to bring will depend on the type of bike you’ll be using, but a good rule of thumb is to bring chain oil, a spare tube, pump, and a light, which is most important for road riders. If you’re joining us on our Cycle Cruise and opt to hire a bike, our guides are equipped to deal with any maintenance issues you may encounter.

7. Cycling Gloves

Perhaps the most overlooked item, cycle gloves are important for any cyclist. It may not seem like much of a priority, but your hands will thank you as these prevent friction and blisters throughout your ride. For long distance riders, cycle gloves are also essential to protect the ulnar nerve which can be impacted over regular cycles.

Cycling Gloves

8. Saddle Bag/Storage

The perfect lightweight and compact addition, saddle bags fit comfortably under your seat and provide a hassle-free way to store essential items such as your keys, wallet, First Aid Kit and snacks.

9. A Lock

You’ve traveled a long way to explore by bike, and the last thing you want to deal with is an unfortunate event where your bike is taken. Good locks are definitely worth investing some extra cash in, making it a small price to pay for your ease of mind in the long run.

10. Water Bottle

Last, but by no means least, a water bottle. Hydration is key for an active experience, particularly if you’re in the midst of Summer or Spring. Easily mounted on bikes, or in a saddle bag, find your perfect bottle before hitting the road.

Download our handy checklist for your convenience here.

There are many things one can take with them when they decide to go for a ride, depending on expertise, environment or location. But we’ve listed the 10 items that every cyclist should have in their kit before they take on a cycle abroad. Looking for your next adventure? Come along for the ride with us on our Cycle Cruise!