A catamaran charter is a great choice if you are looking for a vessel with plenty of internal space and added luxury.

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Lagoon 50 | Spellbound from €13,459
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Lagoon 46 | Alley Cat from €8,969
Lagoon 400 S2 | Sundance from €4,639
Lagoon 42 | Jubilo from €5,959
Lagoon 42 | Blackbird from €5,769
Lagoon 42 | Kingfisher from €5,769
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Lagoon 450F | Dragonfly from €7,749
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Lagoon 46 | Hound Dog from €9,059
Catamaran Features
Catamaran Charter Layout

Catamarans typically have two hulls and are split up with cabins in the front and back (4 cabins in total), as well as a large common area comprised of a central deck and salon area that bring the vessel together.

They are ideal for families and larger groups (8+) due to their spacious layout and additional stability.

Larger catamarans will have additional, smaller crew cabins onboard, that are tucked into the very front of the vessel. On slightly smaller catamarans, the salon will fold out to a double bed providing additional space for crew to sleep.

Catamaran Charter Salon

Catamarans offer spacious and open social areas, with the salon sitting above the hulls, providing a 360 degree view from inside the salon. Typically, catamarans have social seating areas at the back and front of the vessel in addition to the salon area, meaning there is plenty of space to socialise onboard. Dual hulls offer a stable platform which handles well in all weather and on anchor, perfect for families and larger groups moving around the vessel.

Unlike sailing yachts, a catamaran will sit flat when sailing and not lean into the wind. This means they aren’t ideal vessels for professional sailors, but perfect for families and groups who want to relax onboard.

Catamaran Charter Space Onboard
Space Onboard

Catamarans are typically a little faster than most monohulls, making it quicker to get from A to B. This makes it a great option for those wanting more time to explore Croatia’s quaint seaside towns, or enjoying time on anchor.

The spacious size of catamarans means these vessels are often a little more difficult to berth in smaller marinas throughout Croatia. Moving to the next overnight spot requires pre-planning in order to ensure a large enough spot is available. This provides an exciting technical challenge for experienced skippers, or if you’d prefer to sit back and relax, we can provide an experienced skipper for you!

Catamaran Charter Size

A catamarans larger size means you have more opportunities to stay on anchor or a buoy, surrounded by the beautiful clear water of the Adriatic Sea. Staying on anchor is a free option, and spending the night on a buoy is a cheaper option than berthing in marinas.

A Lagoon 450, Lagoon 42 or Lagoon 400 are the most popular catamarans in the Sail Croatia fleet.

Whilst chartering a catamaran is more expensive than chartering a sailing yacht, guests who choose this option are rewarded in luxury, comfort and space onboard.

View our Lagoon Catamarans.

Catamaran Charter FAQ'S

How much is it to charter a catamaran in Croatia?

The cost of chartering a catamaran in Croatia is heavily dependant on the type of catamaran you would like to charter, the number of people in your group and the time of year that you’re looking to set sail. You can use the Quick Search option on our Yacht Charter Croatia page to find the perfect catamaran for your budget.

How much does a private catamaran trip cost in Croatia?

In addition to Yacht Charters, we also offer hassle-free Private Yacht Tours, which include a professional skipper, flexible itinerary and essentials such as Wi-fi, insurance and fuel.

How much do you tip catamaran charter crew in Croatia?

Tipping your Sail Croatia catamaran crew is not compulsory however it is customary in Croatia, and if you are happy with the service and feel our crew have gone above and beyond, then tips are always very much appreciated!