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Catamaran Charter in Croatia - A Guide for Novices

Catamaran charter in Croatia is a great choice if you are looking for a vessel with plenty of internal space.

Having two hulls catamarans are typically also split up with a cabin in the front and a cabin at the back (4 cabins in total), they are joined together by a large central deck and salon area. They are ideal for families and larger groups (8+) looking for space and additional stability. Larger catamarans will have additional cabins, for example smaller cabins for crew tucked in the very front or additional space for sleeping in the salon.

Catamarans offer a great open and social space as the salon sits above the hulls giving you 360 degree views from inside. Cats typically have great social seating areas at the back and often on the front as well. Being a Catamaran they offer a stable platform onboard which is better during rougher weather and also whilst on anchor. During sailing the catamaran sits flat compared to a yacht which will lean over from the wind in the sails. This makes life onboard more comfortable for crew.

Catamarans are typically a little faster than most monohulls which makes it quicker getting from A to B. This is great as it will give you a little more time on anchor or in harbour.

Being spacious can not always be a benefit in Croatia however. Most ports are small so berthing in marinas and docking in small towns can be problematic due to the additional size. Moving to the next overnight spot requires pre-planning in order to ensure a large enough spot is available. The best option is to take an experienced skipper with good local contacts to plan and find alternative arrangements at busy spots. Be prepared to stay on anchor more frequently or on the fringes of the most popular spots.

The biggest downfall with a Catamaran is the weekly cost of chartering. Typically they are twice the cost of a monohull so the additional space and comfort comes at a premium. Also as they are larger they attract additional overnight berthing and mooring costs in the ports and marinas.

10 - 12 Berth Catamarans