Our Active portfolio consists of two products: Cycle Croatia and Hike Croatia. Both cruises are increasingly popular amongst our guests, meaning the need for more highly professional guides is present.

Each Active Cruise has a team of two staff members onboard - an Active Guide and an Onboard Representative. The Active Guide is responsible for leading each group on daily rides/hikes, Health & Safety related matters and decisions, equipment and maintenance.

Sail Croatia Cycle Guide
Training Program Certificate of Completion

Successful participation in our Training Program is required

Certificate for Adventure Tourism

Provided by the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service upon completion of the Training Program

High Energy Levels

Successful applicants will have the ability to cycle up to 50km/day

Technical Skills

Technical experience with bike equipment and maintenance

Leadership Skills

Successful applicants will possess leadership, organisational and communication skills

Customer Care

Customer care is vital to providing outstanding customer service to the guests onboard our ships


Accommodation Accommodation is provided during contracted working days

2 Meals Daily
2 Meals Daily

2 Meals Daily When onboard, breakfast and lunch is provided daily

Stay Active
Stay Active

Stay Active Get paid to be active outdoors & explore!

Active Guide Training
Active Guide Training

Active Guide Training Learn vital guide skills at the Active Guide Training

First Aid training
First Aid Training

First Aid Training Comprehensive First Aid training is provided

Explore Croatia
Explore Croatia

Explore Croatia Discover Dalmatian highlights while working

Tourism Experience
Tourism Experience

Tourism Experience Hands on experience from one of Croatia’s leading tourism operators

Customer Care Training
Customer Care Training

Customer Care Training Comprehensive Customer Care Training is provided

The Pathway to an Active Guide
Online Training

By Invitation: This hands on training course covers everything from Customer Care to Health & Safety and First Aid. Upon completion, applicants will have all the tools they need to become a successful and informed Guide. This training is also open to the public, subject to availability.

Classroom Training

By Invitation: The practical training element of the course is a multi-day training program that covers elements such as practice in planning, guiding, maintenance, mapwork including navigation and actual route experiences. This training is also open to the public, subject to availability.


Congratulations! If you’ve made it this far you would have been offered a position! All that’s left to do is finalise your contract, organise your uniform and get ready to set sail!

Shadow Week

You will begin by shadowing an experienced Representative for one week. The Shadow Week allows new staff to put their training into practice and learn how to thrive in this fast-paced role through observation and practice.

Active Onboard Representative

As an Active Onboard Representative you are working with the Lead Active Guide to manage and coordinate group activities with guests. This role will give you the opportunity to build confidence and learn the cycle routes.

Lead Active Guide

Responsible for the planning, delivery and guidance of the route, the Lead Active Guide is responsible for delivering an outstanding customer experience on all our Active Routes.

To apply, please send your CV and Cover Letter to [email protected]

What type of person should apply?

We welcome applicants from all ages, genders and nationalities that are able to work in Croatia. Successful applicants will be experienced Cycle/Hike guides that are self-starters with high energy levels.

Do I need to have experience as an Active Guide?

The Active Guide role is physically and mentally demanding, and as such, we would recommend prior experience as a guide. If you’re looking to gain guiding experience, view our Onboard Representative position.

What is the process for applying to become an Active Guide?

Successful candidates will be contacted to arrange an interview, before being invited to the Active Training Program. Only a certain number of candidates that successfully complete the training program will be offered a position as an Active Guide.

How long would my contract be?

The duration of your contract will depend on our availability and your availability. Generally speaking, we have contracts that range from 1-2 weeks, up to 6 months, however senior team members get priority when choosing contract duration.

Do I get any time off?

Generally speaking, this depends on the length of your contract, however we try to schedule a week off after 5 or 6 working weeks.

Do I need to be fluent in Croatian?

This skill is not mandatory, however speaking Croatian is definitely an advantage, as one of your responsibilities will be to communicate between the crew and the guests.

When would I have to be in Croatia?

You will need to be present at training, which is usually scheduled at least 2-3 days before your scheduled start time. You would, of course, be advised of this in good time.

Will I have accommodation in Croatia?

Yes, we have staff accomodation available for you to stay in during your training and when you have scheduled time off in between your working weeks.

Do I need to have a special work permit/visa for the period of my contract in Croatia?

This depends on where you are coming from, but generally speaking, we will help you to arrange a work permit if required.