What is an onboard representative?

Sail Croatia’s core business is all about excellence and delivering outstanding customer service on our well known cruises. This huge responsibility falls on our team of onboard representatives.

Each of our locally chartered ships has an onboard Captain and crew, who are responsible for looking after the ship itself as well as duties related to the kitchen and bar operation.

The position of onboard representative is thoroughly focused on guests’ assistance, guidance and overall satisfaction throughout a 7 day cruise.

Sail Croatia Tour Manager
Required Skills
Organisational Skills
Organistional Skills
Customer Care
Customer Care
High Energy Levels
High Energy Levels
Tour Manager pointing
Croatian Language Skills
Pay Structure
Year Pay
Year 1 £900 /month
Year 2 £1,200 /month
Year 3 £1,400 /month
End of season bonus.
Wage increase for returning staff members.
Breakfast & lunch daily.
First Aid Training.
Customer Care Training.
Tourism Experience.
Explore Croatia.
How to apply

Send your CV to [email protected].