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Last updated 06 March 2022

Milna Guide

Milna Guide

Milna is a picture perfect Dalmatian village, located on the north side on the island of Brač which features idyllic evening sunsets. Well connected to nearby hotspots such as Split, Makarska and Hvar, this quaint island village is a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of neighboroughing islands, brimming with authentic Croatian experiences and friendly locals that take the Pomalo (slowly) way of life seriously!

The island of Brač offers a plethora of activities and experiences for every traveller. Whether you’re looking to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, learn from the best at the only stonemasonry school in Croatia or sample locally produced wine and olives, Milna is the perfect base from which to explore all the island has to offer!

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History of Milna

The seaside settlement of Milna was settled in the 16th Century and today has a population of just under 1,000 people, making it a quaint and charming village town. Located on the north-western side of the island of Brač, Milna is well known as being one of the safest and most sheltered harbours on the island, guaranteeing it is a favoured marina for sailors to this day.

Best Way to Get to Milna

A regular ferry schedule connects Brač with nearby destinations such as Split, Makarska and Hvar. The easiest way to get to Milna from Split is to catch the 50 minute fast ferry to Supetar. Tickets can be purchased at the harbour or online in advance. Milna is located 20 kilometers from the ferry port in Supetar, and is easily accessible via local bus or taxi.

Things to do

Mlina’s charming marina and relaxed atmosphere makes it the perfect place to unwind and ease into the local village vibe. The best thing about Milna is that just a stone's throw away from the quiet waterfront town are an abundance of things to do and see. Below are our favourite activities to do on the island of Brač!

1. Explore the Island Via Car

Being one of the largest central Dalmatian Islands, it makes sense to hire a car and explore the entire island at your leisure. Brač is dotted with stone structures (some still in use and others reduced to interesting roadside ruins), narrow cobbled streets, lush green fields, picturesque towns and an abundance of locally grown fruits and vegetables, including olive groves and vineyards. The roads leading in and out of Milna are extremely pretty, and the Mediterranean pine trees contrast against the azure Adriatic Sea in the background, creating a stunning sight!

Our top tip: Set out with very few plans and see what hidden gems you come across as you explore the entirety of the island!

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2. Visit Zlatni Rat

Named #3 of the Best Beach Destinations in Europe, Zlatni Rat is one of those spectacularly stunning natural phenomenons that you have to see to truly believe! This unique beach is located 4 kilometers from the town of Bol, with its sandy shores protruding 500 meters into the Adriatic Sea to create a ‘V’ shaped beach. This beach is so novel thanks to its ever changing shape and structure, with the forces of the wind and water current constantly altering its appearance - impressive huh!

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3. Take in the views from Vidova Gora

Vidova Gora is not only the highest point on Brač, but it is also the highest point of all the Dalmatian Islands! If you’re feeling energetic you can hike the steady and often steep trek from the town of Bol to the peak of the mountain, sitting at 778 meters above sea level (2,552 feet). Across the three hour trek the views change and become more impressive the higher you get, with the island of Hvar, the Croatian mainland and even Italy on a clear day being easily visible from the very top!

If you’re not feeling up to the hike, Vidova Gora is also easily accessible via car.

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4. Visit the Blaca Monastery

This 16th-century Monastery is impressively carved into a limestone rock face, creating a jaw-dropping sight that is worth the effort it takes to get there! In the early days, Monks found solitude and peace amongst rockface cliffs, where they eventually built the impressive Monastery in and around the cave. Monks have inhabited the Monastery for centuries, up until 50 years ago.. These days you can visit the Monastery museum that houses an array of interesting artefacts, books and astronomical tools. The Blaca Monastery is only accessible on foot.

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5. Taste Locals Wines

There are numerous wineries dotted throughout the island allowing you to taste the local white (Posip) and red (Plavac Mali) wines that Brač is well-known for. If you’re looking for a wine tasting with a view, head to the Stina Winery located on the waterfront in Bol. Here you’ll be able to try a variety of locally produced wines whilst taking in the impressive view, tour the cellar and taste local produce including olive oils and freshly baked bread.

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6. Explore the Dragon's Cave

Situated 300 meters above the village of Murvica is Zmajeva Spilja, known as Dragon’s Cave. This cave was once used as a hermitage by Monks in the area, and features interesting carvings into the cave walls, including carvings of a dragon, which are believed to date back to the 15th Century. This cave is only accessible by hiking to the destination and can take up to 4 hours return.

7. Visit a Secluded Bay

There are four main beaches located within walking distance of Milna Town; Osibova, Maslinova, Pasikova and Lucice Beach. Each of these beaches features large pebbles, azure waters and are surrounded by fragrant pine trees that provide respite from the summer sun. Being south facing, the beaches surrounding Milna are protected from the northern winds, ensuring they’re the perfect spot to laze the day away in the sunshine, or take a quick dip. Apart from these well known beaches, there are plenty of places to find a secluded piece of paradise all to yourself on the island of Brač!

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Although relatively quiet compared to its neighbours Hvar and Korčula, Brač boasts beautiful and unmissable attractions. These are a few that should be remembered if you’re ever travelling to this island! Take a peak below at what you can expect from your travels here.

Where to eat in Milna

Gajeta Konoba

Located right on the waterfront in the middle of Milna, Gajeta Konoba serves traditional Dalmatian cuisine combined with authentic hospitality. Offering specialty Dalmatian dishes, pizza, pasta and a local wine list to match, this konoba will have something to suit every taste.

Restaurant Bago

A traditional fish restaurant with impressive views out over the sea, Restaurant Bago is the place to be if you’re looking for fresh, authentic seafood. Restaurant Bago is located a short stroll away from the main town in Milna, however it’s waterfront location sets the scene perfectly.

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Pizzeria Slika

Serving pizza, pasta and seafood with a view, Pizzeria Slika is the perfect family restaurant located on the waterfront in the heart of the town. A friendly, relaxing vibe adds to the delicious pizza served at Pizzeria Slika!

Explore Nearby Towns


Bol sits on the southern part of Brač Island, and is one of the oldest towns along the coast, boasting beautiful buildings, waterfront bars, restaurants and winding streets. Bol is one of the more popular towns on the island, thanks to its proximity to the famous Zlatni Rat Beach. If you’ve hired a car, you can reach Bol in over a 55 minute leisurely drive across the island.

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Bobovišća is one of the closest towns to Milna (a short 12 minute drive away), and is a quaint fishing village located on the western coast of the island. The third largest town on Brač, Bobovišća sits at the end of a deep, narrow inlet, creating a sheltered harbour that’s popular with sailors. This picturesque village is framed with Mediterranean pine trees, cobbled stone houses and waterfront restaurants, oozing authentic Croatian charm.



Supetar is located on the northern part of the island, a short 30 minute drive from Milna. The largest and most urban city on the island, Supetar boasts impressive churches, a plethora of restaurants and bars and plenty of impressive architecture. Thanks to a fast and efficient ferry schedule, Supetar is always brimming with tourists and locals alike, soaking in the urban Mediterranean feel of the town. Located right on the waterfront, Supetar is the ideal place to take part in watersports, including parasailing and jet skiing.


Often referred to as one of the prettiest towns in Europe, Pučišća is a waterfront town that is steeped in culture and tradition. Pučišća is also well known as the birthplace of the art of stonemasonry and this ancient skill is present everywhere you look throughout the town. You can spend hours exploring this stunning streets, with its marble alleys and roofs, renaissance stone buildings and baroque architecture. Visit the only Stonemasonry school in Croatia and take in the impressive sculptures and artworks on display. Pučišća is located on the northern side of the island and you can reach the town by car in under an hour (45 minutes).

Milna is a quaint and charming village that provides visitors with an authentic insight into the Dalmatian way of life. If you’re looking for a destination that is brimming with natural beauty, impressive sights and stunning beaches, look no further than the seaside town of Milna.