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Last updated 05 July 2023

Prices in Croatia

Prices in Croatia

It’s important to work out a budget for your travels when you’re heading to a new destination – it’s a good idea to have a clear understanding of your main expenses before you leave home, but it’s also vital to know the extra costs you can expect along the way!

A very common question we get asked is how expensive Croatia is and what prices visitors can expect to pay. Prices vary a lot throughout the country depending on the popularity of the location you wish to visit, however you’ll find an average guide on what you can expect to pay for essential items such as food, drinks and accommodation below.

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Currency in Croatia

The currency in Croatia is the Euro (sign: €; code: EUR), which has been in use since 2023. Our handy guide on the currency in Croatia is a great resource if you’d like to learn more about money in Croatia.

Currency in Croatia

Cost of Living in Croatia

Compared to much of Western Europe, the cost of living in Croatia is quite reasonable. Croatia is considered to be affordable by many accounts, especially considering the lifestyle and relative ease and cost of obtaining a visa. This cost of living in Croatia is heavily dependent on where you choose to spend most of your time. Coastal cities such as Split and Dubrovnik are more expensive than the inland capital city of Zagreb, and some of the highly sought after islands, such as Hvar, are more expensive than the quieter destinations of Solta, for example. If you’re planning on spending an extended period of time in Croatia, you may find the below guide useful on what you can expect to pay for certain items!

Cost of living Croatia

Travel Cost to Croatia

Depending on your starting point, it can be quite affordable to travel to Croatia using one of many transport options available, such as plane, ferry, train or bus. Croatia is well connected within Europe thanks to multiple low-cost airlines, so it’s easy and affordable to book a flight into one of the main hubs of Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb, Zadar or Pula. It’s not uncommon to find a cheap midweek flight with a low cost airline for as little €50 per person from within Europe! For everything you need to know on flying into Croatia, read our guide here. If you have your own car, or plan on hiring a car, driving to Croatia can be an affordable option. Why not check out our guide to driving in Croatia.

Travel cost to Croatia

Accommodation Costs Croatia

Croatia boasts a variety of accommodation options to choose from, ranging from quaint Airbnbs to low cost youth hostels, high end boutique hotels, yachts, and everything in between. Croatia has a distinct high and low tourist season, meaning that the price of accommodation is heavily dependent on the time of year you’re planning on travelling.


Hostels are a great low cost option for travellers, particularly backpackers and solo travellers looking to meet like-minded people. There are plenty of youth hostels to choose from in Croatia, common in popular hot spots such as Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik. We recommend using a comparison website such as Hostelworld, where you can choose your hostel based on user reviews and filter options to suit your requirements. You should be able to find a bed in a dorm room for as little as €15-20 per night throughout the low season.

Hostel Croatia

Private Accommodation

Private accommodation provides the perfect option for families or groups of friends that would like to self-cater throughout their stay. Using star and user ratings to guide you, private accommodation can cost anywhere from around €50 per night for a private room in an apartment, €100 per night for an apartment for two, or upwards of €250 per night for a luxury villa stay. Private accommodation provides good value for money, however prices will vary depending on where you’re private accommodation is located, the time of year you’re travelling and the size of your group!


Hotels are available throughout Croatia and as always, you can find hotel accommodation on both the budget and luxury end of the scale. Travelling in April (low season) will allow you to book a 4-star hotel for between €40 and €80 per night, whereas the same hotel in July or August (high season) can cost you between €200 and €400 per night. Those looking for luxurious hotel stays can pay €500+ per night for high-end hotel accommodation.

Whatever your accommodation style and budget is, Croatia has you covered!

Eating Out in Croatia:

As with most tourist destinations, the cost of eating out depends on the location of the restaurant and the quality of the cuisine. Croatia is well known for everything from pizza and pasta to seafood specialities, ensuring there is something to cater to every taste and budget, making Croatia a popular choice with families.

Below is an average guide to what prices to expect when eating out in Croatia.

Item EURO (€)
Ice cream €2.50-3.50
Pizza €8-12
Local Meal €25-35


Croatian restaurants cater to both budget conscious travellers and those looking for fine dining experiences. You’ll find the restaurants that line the waterfront and have impressive views are often the most expensive, as you are paying a premium for the (stunning!) view! If you’re looking for a budget or family friendly meal, head towards the hidden alleyways and restaurants located off the main Riva. If fine dining is more your style, you can find many award winning and Michelin star restaurants staking their claim to fame with mouthwatering dishes throughout the country, offering a more luxurious dining experience.

Waterfront dining Croatia

Our Insider Tip: You can always find good value for money in Croatia by using review websites, such as TripAdvisor, to find new restaurants and bars in the area that you’re staying in. For the best quality and value cuisine, watch where the lines are forming and explore the cobblestone streets to find the busiest and most exciting new places.


Lovers of pizza will rejoice in Croatia! The most popular takeaway is certainly pizza sold by the slice, closely followed by Croatian specialties such as burek (a decadent pastry staple filled with mince or cheese and spinach) or cevapi (skinless sausages served in a fresh bun with onion and ajvar; a delicious pepper based condiment). Depending on your location, you should be able to pick up a large slice of pizza for around €2.5!

Takeaway Pizza

Drinking Out in Croatia:

Croatia is well known for its cafe culture and nightlife, offering visitors bustling cafe bars for morning coffees with a view, corner stores for grabbing a soft drink or an array of bars and nightclubs to choose from, depending on your mood!

Below you’ll find the average price of drinks in Croatia.

Item EURO (€)
Coke €3-4
Beer €4-6
Local Wine (glass) €7-9
Champagne (bottle) €80

Our Insider Tip: You can always find good value for money in Croatia by watching out for Happy Hour! This is a normal practice in most Croatian bars at some point during the day, with an hour or two reserved for offering a selection of drinks at discounted rates!

Cocktails in Croatia

Transport Prices Croatia

Croatia offers a variety of safe and reliable transport options, making it the perfect destination for solo travellers on a budget! The cheapest options for getting around the country are by well connected bus or ferry routes. Croatia also offers good quality roads, making it an easy choice for a hire car, as well as multiple domestic and international airports, making flying between destinations a viable option also.

Ferry Prices Croatia

Ferry routes connect the mainland with the islands, and international destinations such as Italy. Many of these routes are operated by the national carrier, Jadronlija, however there are also catamaran services available which offer a more expensive, albeit faster option. Your start and end location, as well as how quickly you’d like to arrive at your destination, will determine how expensive your tickets will be!

A fast ferry from Split to Hvar that takes just over one hour, for example, can cost you approximately €23 per person, whereas a slower car ferry from Split to Hvar Island can cost you as little as €9 and take approximately 2 hours.

Bus Prices Croatia

Travelling Croatia via bus is an economical alternative to having to hire a car. Most cities and towns are well connected on the mainland, however the islands aren’t serviced by busses as regularly. There are a variety of low cost bus companies operating domestic and international routes in Croatia, including Flixbus and Getbybus. Even longer journeys are still affordable, with a bus ticket between Split and Dubrovnik (approximately 4.5 hours) costing around €20-30.

Bus prices Croatia

Activity Prices Croatia

Croatia boasts a variety of activities and excursions for tourists to participate in throughout their stay. With everything from cultural and natural experiences, to adrenaline inducing activities and relaxing experiences, there is an activity for every type of traveller. Activities can range from €15 for a Historical Walking Tour of Dubrovnik, to €80 to fly through the Cetina Valley on a Zip Lining excursion.

Activity prices Croatia

Attraction Prices Croatia

If there’s ever been a country that you should allocate a budget for attractions, Croatia is the one! With 10 UNESCO sites strewn throughout this culturally rich country, ancient architecture everywhere you look and just under 20 National Parks and Nature Parks dotted throughout the mainland and islands, you’re going to struggle to choose which attractions to visit and explore!

A lot of the natural and historical attractions in Croatia are free to explore at your leisure, such as the UNESCO protected centres of Diocletian's Palace in Split, and Dubrovnik Old Town. If you’d like to learn more about the culture and history of these locations, it’s recommended to take part in an educational walking tour, which usually costs around €15 and is on the cheaper end of the scale for the cost of attractions. More iconic attractions tend to be a little more expensive, such as walking the Dubrovnik City Walls, which can cost approximately €35, or a visit to the Blue Cave, which can cost approximately €27-30 from Vis, and significantly more if you’re taking a boat trip from Split or Hvar.

Attraction prices Croatia

Prices in Croatia FAQ’s

Is Croatia Expensive?

Croatia is more expensive than some of its neighboring Balkan countries, however compared to much of Western Europe it is seen as an affordable tourist destination. Like a lot of Mediterranean countries, Croatia can be more expensive in tourist hotspots and along the coast in areas such as Split and Dubrovnik.

Is Dubrovnik Expensive?

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia, Dubrovnik is one of the most expensive Croatian cities. Like all good tourist hotspots, you’ll still be able to find affordable options for food, drinks and accommodation in Dubrovnik, you just need to know where to look! Joining a Sail Croatia Cruise that visits Dubrovnik is a great way to save on accomodation costs whilst still enjoying the sights and sounds of this fascinating city!

How can I Stretch my Budget in Croatia?

We have a couple of tips on how to make your budget go further, allowing you to explore more of beautiful Croatia!

  1. Plan out your must-do activities before you arrive. This will allow you to include them in your budget and not overspend when you arrive!
  2. Plan the destinations you want to visit ahead of time
  3. Book accommodation that is located close to your must-do and must-see activities! This will allow you to save on transport costs and truly experience the destination.
  4. Book a cruise! With your accommodation, transport and some meals already included and prepaid, you’ll have more money to spend on exploring before and after your trip!
  5. Save some budget for fun, spontaneous activities! Always make sure you have a safety net of funds with you to cover additional drinks, food or a souvenir or two!