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Last updated 05 March 2022

Saving & Paying For Your Cruise - Tips and Tricks

Saving & Paying For Your Cruise - Tips and Tricks

Travel is good for the soul and the experiences that come with it will last you a lifetime. These are the moments you can’t put a price on - although that doesn’t mean finding the funds is easy, it just means that it’s worth the investment!

Forking out a lump sum of money can be overwhelming, however, you can rest assured that paying off your Sail Croatia cruise is more manageable than you may think!

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Sail Croatia cruises are sold in Great British Pounds, Euros and USD. We advise that you check the latest conversion rates to get an up to date conversion into your local currency.

A £50 / €60 / $70 deposit per person is all that is required to secure your booking and start the countdown to your cruise!

Once you make your booking and pay your deposit, your online account is there for you to continue making payments. This is an easy, effective and safe way to pay with your credit card online. We also accept bank transfer as a means of payment and if you hold an account with HSBC, bank transfers to Sail Croatia are free!

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You can pay your balance off in instalments whenever you wish and at the sum of your choice, as long as full payment is made 12 weeks before your departure date. You simply need to make sure you change your defaulted amount in the Pay Now section of your online account to the amount you wish to pay. Sail Croatia does not charge fees on credit or debit payments however some banks may charge international fees on these payments. These are set by the bank and will vary with the conversion rates at the time.

If you are planning a trip under a group booking, you are able to pay separately with your online account! The easiest way to pay individually is to share your login details with fellow travellers. Alternatively, you can add your friends’ names and email addresses to your Online Account under the passengers section and send them a payment link via the Online Account directly to their email address.

Any third party payment plans, such as Afterpay, Zip Pay and PayPal, are not affiliated with Sail Croatia and payments cannot be made using these mediums.

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The hardest part about booking travel experiences is the lack of instant gratification. But it is well worth the wait to experience some of the best moments of your life!

  1. Start saving on the day you pay your deposit!
  2. Saving and paying is much more manageable when you have a planned and consistent monthly amount to pay off
  3. Set a calendar reminder to pay off your cruise, so that you can budget around any unexpected expenses and ensure full payment is made at least 3 months before you depart with us
  4. The international fee for bank transfers will depend on which bank you’re using and how much money you’re sending. It’s always beneficial to research how your bank will address these fees! To save on bank fees and time, save your money in a separate account and then transfer the final amount at the 12 week mark

Seeing the world adds a great deal of priceless memories, however paying for them is unfortunately a part of the equation! Follow these guides and tips and get ready to experience first hand the magic of travel and avoid missing the boat this summer!