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Last updated 02 May 2022

5 Top Advantages Of Small Ship Cruising In Croatia

5 Top Advantages Of Small Ship Cruising In Croatia

Croatia is a country of a thousand wonders - and more than a thousand islands as well. Small ship cruising is the best way to experience Croatia's stunning beauty up close and personal.

Some of Croatia’s islands are hard to visit if you don’t have the luxury of a small ship to access them. Whilst there is a network of ferry departures, actually getting to some of Croatia’s more remote islands via public transport is difficult – not to mention rather unglamorous.

Small ship cruising on the Adriatic is no longer a pleasure for the wealthy, our Croatia cruises have welcomed hundreds of passengers seeking an authentic Croatian experience on specifically built ‘small ships’. These small ships perfectly allow for docking in small islands and ports, providing unique cruising experiences. Here’s a few more advantages of small ship cruising in Croatia.

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1. Exceptional Dockside Access

Unlike cruising via large cruise ship where you are forced to drop anchor well away from port, small ship cruising enables easy dockside access and total freedom of movement. Just imagine - no ship to shore transfers, no time restrictions and no more than 40 passengers. Pure bliss!

Exceptional Dockside Access

2. Escape The Tourist Crowds

If you’re seeking downtime and want to unwind away from the overcrowded tourists hotspots then small ship cruising can certainly provide that. Why not arrange for family or friends to join you and surround yourself by the people dearest to you?

With a maximum of 40 passengers onboard, you’ll be able to spend some quality time together whilst being able to bond with fellow passengers, build new friendships and explore the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean at the same time.

Happy Cruisers

3. Experience Authentic Croatian Cuisine

Because the ships we use for our cruises all employ local Croatian staff, you can guarantee to experience some elegant Croatian cuisine. Unlike large cruise ships, our family-owned and operated small ships provide a more authentic experience especially when it comes to food and wine.

Fine cuisine

All meals are prepared using local ingredients cooked and served traditionally with a modern flare. And what better to wash it all down with than wine! Some of the best Croatian wines are made on the islands of Brač and Hvar. They are so highly acclaimed that they have been exported around the globe for decades.

4. Learning About Culture From The Locals

Holidaying isn’t just about visiting a new destination, it’s about discovering and learning new cultures. Small ship cruising enables you to bond with your fellow passengers more than you could onboard a large cruise liner. When travelling on a ship carrying only 40 passengers, you can develop a more intimate friendship with your crew and Captain and this is what makes travelling via small ship special.

Our crew love sharing their stories of what life was like growing up in a region that was once war-torn. Likewise, Croatians are also intrigued by tourists and appreciate hearing fellow stories of distant countries. There is nothing better than sailing the Adriatic with an abundance of honest local knowledge.


5. Intimate Experiences

By travelling with a small group of people, it enables for a more intimate experience in every aspect – not only with fellow passengers, but with locals too!

Small group travel does not mean limited access. In fact, many local operators are more accepting of small groups and they welcome guests into their small family-run restaurants and shops. It’s a great way to enjoy good quality Croatian service and meet a local family.

Intimate experience