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Last updated 14 December 2022

What Is The Advantage Of Booking My Cruise In Advance?

What Is The Advantage Of Booking My Cruise In Advance?

It’s a tough question – do you book early or wait until the last minute and hope that you’ll get the cruise you’re after and grab some cheaper last minute flights too? We’re big believers that getting your holiday booked early is the better option. Here are 5 reasons why booking early is best.

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1. More choice & to avoid disappointment

There’s no denying that if you book early, then you are more likely to get exactly what you’re after. Take our Navigator Cruises for example – they are almost completely booked out months before the season officially kicks off!

By planning next year’s trip now, you’ll have the pick of the crop in terms of cruise type and ship types as well as your flights and accommodation before or after your cruise. Those who know exactly what they want will appreciate this factor.

Double beds in particular are highly sought after on our cruise ships. Due to each of our ships having their own unique cabin configuration, we have a 'first come, first served' system in place when it comes to securing a double bed. By putting down your deposit well in advance of your cruise and requesting a double bed at this point in time, you are more likely to be allocated one as opposed to a fellow passenger who requests the same and puts down a deposit at a later date.

Double Bed

2. Early bird deals

Many companies such as airlines, hostels and hotels offer great deals for early bookers. These offers are meant to entice you in to booking in advance so you probably wont find these offers if you decide to book at the last minute.


3. More chance of getting cheap flights

By booking your flights in advance, you not only have the pick of departure times; but you’ll also save money as fares usually rise the closer you get to the departure date. ABTA – The Travel Association, highly recommends booking early as a means of taking advantage of the best value offers. Compare and book flights here.


4. You’ll have something to look forward to

Booking your holiday early gives you something exciting to look forward to. By liking us on Facebook or following our feed on Instagram, you’ll have something to lift your spirits and to get you excited for your impending holiday.

You can also look ahead to your holiday experience by planning on what to pack for your cruise, start saving up and spend time learning more about your destination so you can really make the most of it all.


5. Connect with fellow passengers before you depart

Booking early can also help you make new friends with fellow passengers – especially helpful if you are a solo traveller! By joining your cruise departure event, you’ll be able to meet fellow passengers before you depart.