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Last updated 30 September 2022

Croatia Honeymoon Guide

Croatia Honeymoon Guide

Croatia is an ideal honeymoon destination thanks to an abundance of luxury honeymoon experiences, romantic activities & seasonal vacation options!

Croatia oozes romance and charm, making it an ideal choice as a honeymoon destination. With something to suit every honeymoon style, budget or travel timeline, Croatia has something for everyone! The best part about getting married is planning your honeymoon, so get ready to celebrate in style with our Croatia honeymoon guide.

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Top Honeymoon Experiences in Croatia

From picture perfect beaches scattered throughout the iconic islands, to dramatic National Parks, ancient Roman ruins and an above average selection of luxury resorts, villas and VIP experiences, Croatia has it all! From luxury to adventure, our top honeymoon experiences are listed below - take your pick!

Island Hopping Cruises - the Social Option

If you’re looking for a social, hassle-free experience cruising in Croatia, then look no further than a Croatia Cruise! Unlike traditional cruises, these small ship cruises set sail with no more than 40 guests onboard, making for an intimate cruising experience. The itineraries cruise between Split and Dubrovnik and are an easy way to explore the Croatian islands with other travellers, who often become fast friends.

With your accommodation, transport, breakfast, lunch and activities all organised for you, a Croatia Cruise is a relaxing honeymoon option. If you’re feeling romantic, you can also surprise your new spouse with flowers, champagne or chocolates in the cabin for your arrival, making it a flying start to a trip you’ll never forget!

Croatian Honeymoon Guide

Relax on a Sailing Yacht - the Private Option

In our opinion, hiring a private yacht for a 7 day island hopping experience is the ultimate honeymoon vacation. Choose an intimate sailing yacht with as few as 2 cabins, or bring your nearest and dearest along with you on a larger yacht or catamaran. After all, you have an entire yacht all to yourself to enjoy as you wish!

Unless you're a qualified sailor, all Private Yacht Tour experiences include a local Skipper to safely whisk you from island to island, showing you the best hidden spots and secluded bays to enjoy as a local would! There’s no need to wait until happy hour with a dedicated Skipper available to take the helm…cue breakfast mimosas and midday champagne for the newlyweds!

The best thing about a Private Yacht Tour is that the itinerary is flexible, meaning you can create an action packed itinerary visiting all the Dalmatian hotspots, or you can simply relax and unwind, visiting quaint harbor towns and traditional fishing villages at your leisure.

Croatian Honeymoon Guide

Explore Independently - the Adventure Option

Croatia has an easily accessible and affordable public transport system, with local ferries connecting mainland hubs such as Split, Dubrovnik and Zadar with the magnificent islands scattered throughout Dalmatia. Plan a simple Island Hopping itinerary using the ferry system and book guest houses and Airbnb’s along the way!

Book a Luxury Villa - the Luxury Option

Croatia has seamlessly stepped into the luxury accommodation space in recent years, offering plenty of 5 star and highly rated villas, hotels, guest houses and luxury experiences. If you’re looking for a 5 star vacation, look no further than famed favourites Radisson Blu in Split, and Hotel Dubrovnik Palace in Dubrovnik. If luxury with a splash of authenticity thrown in is more your style, a boutique luxury villa in the heart of a historic Old Town might be more up your alley! Check out Villa Central located in Split.

Croatian Honeymoon Guide

Croatia Honeymoon Destinations

Between the balmy summer air, the twinkling adriatic sea and a colour palette of terracotta roofs & turquoise water, Croatia is like something out of a romance novel. With over 1,000 islands and even more mainland destinations to explore, choosing where to go on your Croatia honeymoon can be a challenge! We’ve narrowed it down to our top 4 must visit Croatia honeymoon destinations!


Well known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, Dubrovnik has always been an iconic and beautiful destination. Recently, the destination was plunged into the spotlight as the filming location for HBO Blockbuster, Game of Thrones, cementing its popularity with tourists the world over. But Dubrovnik is so much more than just a famous filming location! Packed full of interesting history and impressive monuments, it’s easy to spend a week or more exploring this Adriatic paradise. Climb the defensive City Walls, visit the island of Lokrum, take the cable card up to Mount Srd or kayak around the fortified city!

Croatian Honeymoon Guide


The city of Split is for lovers! This seaside Old Town oozes charm with its waterfront Riva packed with people watchers, coffee lovers and tourists enjoying the view of the islands out to sea. Step behind the picture perfect Riva and you’ll find yourself smack bang in the middle of Diocletian's Palace, an impressive structure built as a retirement place for the Roman Emperor Diocletian in the 4th Century. There is plenty to see and do in Split, and with the city being well known as the gateway to the Dalmatian Islands, it is the perfect start or end point for an island hopping adventure!


Could Vis be the most romantic Croatian destination of them all? As the most outlying island in Dalmatia, Vis is located halfway to Italy! The island itself has only recently opened to tourism, retaining a traditional way of life and quaint charm that you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere! If you’re looking to escape the crowds, eat in authentic fishing villages and discover secluded beaches via scooter, Vis is the place for you.

Croatian Honeymoon Guide


In 1964 Alfred Hitchcock exclaimed that “The sunset of Zadar is the world’s most beautiful…” and it really isn’t hard to see why! The cosmopolitan city of Zadar sits right on an archipelago on the sea, and features a unique sea organ and sun salutation installation. Both of these art installations act as the centre stage to thousands of travellers who watch the world famous Zadar sunset every evening. If you’re looking for a magical seaside destination, look no further than Zadar.

Best Romantic Activities for your Croatia Honeymoon

Whether you’re into adrenaline inducing activities, excursions that educate and inspire, natural wonderlands or Michelin Star foodie experiences, Croatia has you covered. With so many activities to keep you occupied throughout your honeymoon in Croatia, the hardest part is going to be which activity to choose! To get you started, our top 6 romantic activities can be found below!

Take a Cable Car up Mt Srd

There’s ordinary cable car experiences, and then there’s a cable car overlooking Dubrovnik at sunset! The entire city below you starts to sparkle and the sky lights up with every hue of purple, blue and pink as you get higher and higher up the mountain. Stop for a glass of bubbly at the top of the mountain and take it all in with your loved one - what could be more romantic!

Croatian Honeymoon Guide

Watch the Sunset

Croatia undoubtedly has some of the best sunsets in the world, making for the perfect romantic activity (and a wallet friendly one at that!!). Pack a picnic and find a secluded waterfront spot to take in nature’s skyshow!

Croatian Honeymoon Guide

Waterfront Dining

Cuisine in Croatia ranges from authentic, traditional and hearty cooking, to Michelin rated restaurants serving up the freshest ingredients with unique flair. Many exquisite restaurants in Dalmatia are located on the waterfront and serve up the freshest local seafood (some you can even pluck directly from the sea yourself!) in a romantic setting. If you’ve had your fix of waterfront dining, there’s plenty of unique dining experiences to keep you in awe of Croatian restaurants, including eateries situated within caves, atop cliffs and even located within ancient fortresses.

Croatian Honeymoon Guide

Visit a Winery

It may surprise you to know that Croatia has a longstanding wine industry, with grapes being continuously grown in the country since the 5th Century BC! Most wineries are small-scale and family owned, producing a small quantity of award winning wines annually. The area of Lumbarda on the island of Korcula and the Peljesac Peninsula are well worth a visit if you’re a wine lover! Learn all about the history of winemaking in Croatia with our Insiders Guide to Award Winning Croatian Wine.

Croatian Honeymoon Guide

Go Zip-lining

Nothing screams ‘we’re in this together’ like zipping through the treetops 150 metres above ground level! The best zip-lining experience in Croatia takes place near the small town of Omis, located a 45 minute drive south of Split. 8 wires totaling 2.1 kilometres in length zig zag their way above an impressive and beautiful canyon, providing panoramic views of the river and woodland below. This is one activity that will get your heart racing!

Croatian Honeymoon Guide

Visit Krka Waterfalls

An hour’s drive north of Split you’ll find the natural wonderland of Krka National Park. Full to the brim with beautiful walking trails, native flora and fauna, the Krka River and of course, the impressive Krka Waterfalls! Nature lovers can easily spend a whole day exploring the National Park’s hiking trails and winding paths. Whilst you can no longer swim in Krka National Park, the sheer natural beauty found within the park makes a visit worthwhile!

Croatian Honeymoon Guide

The Best time of the Year to visit Croatia on Your Honeymoon

Croatia is beautiful all year round, so the best time to visit really depends on each couple, and what you want to get out of your honeymoon vacation!

Summer Honeymoon Vacations

Summer honeymoon vacations are ideal if you’re looking for a beach holiday, with plenty of time spent in the sun and sea! Summer is the perfect time to visit the Croatian Islands and enjoy the heat of the Mediterranean sun. The Summer months of June, July and August coincide with the peak tourist season in Croatia, so we recommend booking in advance if you’re planning to travel during these months.

Croatian Honeymoon Guide

Spring Honeymoon Vacations

Spring is a great time for a honeymoon vacation if you don’t mind travelling off-peak. The spring months of April and May are favourable for budget conscious travellers who prefer to travel without the heat that summer brings. Spring is typically a quieter tourist season making for a great time of the year to travel without the crowds. Whilst a honeymoon in Spring may be more cost effective, you’re more likely to experience rain on your vacation. Depending on your holiday style this may not be a problem, as some vacation activities, such as hiking and cycling are more favourable in the cooler weather!

Croatian Honeymoon Guide

Winter Honeymoon Vacations

November - March sees many parts of Croatia turn into a winter wonderland. Travellers to Croatia during the winter months tend to steer away from the coastline and head inland to destinations such as Zagreb that are bustling with winter markets, christmas festivities and mulled wine around every corner!

If you’re looking for a romantic honeymoon destination, it’s time to tick Croatia off your bucket list!