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Last updated 25 November 2022

How to Travel for Free

How to Travel for Free

Does the standard 9-5 not quite fit your lifestyle? The corporate world really has us thinking this is the most fulfilling and, debatably, right way to live your life – well, not anymore!

Whilst money does make the world go round, you’ll be happy to hear you don’t need deep pockets to travel the world – it’s time to get a little creative! Look in the right places and you’ll be surprised how easy it can be to travel on a shoestring budget.

Repeat after us: you don’t need to be rich to travel the world.

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How to Travel for Free

Consider things you’re interested in, and look for opportunities here first. There are plenty of membership based organisations that connect skilled individuals, with organisations looking for people with said skills. These experiences often involve an exchange of time, work or expertise for free or cheap travel experiences. Think accommodation, transport, experiences and food…these heavyweight items that usually eat into your budget are often included in an exchange for services.

Travel for free


Volunteering never goes out of fashion, and is a great way to give back! This is also an opportunity for you to venture into something new or hone in on a long lost skill. Search for volunteering opportunities in foreign countries and see what benefits you’ll be awarded with for your hard work! You’ll generally always have to outlay for your transport to and from the destination, however once you’re there, most of your incidentals are covered.

Non-for-profits are a prime place to start looking for opportunities, and if you’re interested in nautical sustainability, check out our non-profit organisation, Green Sail, who are leading initiatives that promote sustainable tourism. If selected, in return for their efforts and time assisting in sustainability activities, volunteers are housed in Split rent free. You can apply to become a volunteer on their website here.

Travel for free

Remote Work

Thanks to the wonders of technology, a more flexible approach to work is being adopted worldwide. And whilst it’s not technically travelling for free, working remotely is a great opportunity to continue to generate income, all whilst travelling and exploring! And whilst this used to be a little more difficult, many countries are attracting digital nomads and remote workers with hassle-free tourist visas. Croatia is a great example of this, with the introduction of the Digital Nomad Visa allowing anyone who works remotely to live and work in Croatia for up to 12 months!

If this is the type of lifestyle you can get onboard with, it’s definitely worth checking out the Digital Nomad Special where you can eat, sleep and breathe Croatia while you work on an impressive catamaran for 28 glorious days. Now that’s the type of remote work we can get behind!

It’s important to do your research on any visa restrictions before you take on a nomadic lifestyle overseas!

Travel for free

Scuba Instructor

If you're a certified scuba diver and looking for a way to see the world, consider becoming an instructor. Scuba instructors can travel the world while working. Their job is to teach people how to scuba dive, and they get paid for each person they train. So if you're looking for a way to make some money while traveling, this is a great option!

Scuba diving is one of the most popular travel activities, so if you know how to scuba dive and want to explore different locations around the world, then becoming a scuba instructor might be the perfect job for you. Most scuba instructors work in exotic locations around the world and make money while they travel.

If you want to travel the world and make money doing it, then becoming a scuba instructor might be a good idea for you. You get to see all kinds of amazing things underwater, including sea life and other wonders that are hidden from most people.

Find out more at DIVEIN

How to Travel for Free with Sail Croatia

Speaking of, have you ever wondered how some of your favourite creatives travel so often? A lot of the time, content creators receive a complimentary experience in exchange for their creative skills. This looks different from company to company, but if you’ve got pizazz, experience or even a highly engaged audience, this could be exactly you for Sail Croatia!

This is a real life opportunity for any Social Media Influencers, Photographers or Videographers.

Experiences of a lifetime don’t always arrive at your door, sometimes you have to look for them, and if you’ve ended up here, well, we already like you!

Available Positions


With Sail Croatia, Social Media Influencers have the opportunity to experience a trip of a lifetime in exchange for a week of storytelling. Being travel minded is a must, and candidates need to have a knack of capturing a unique point of view that gets their audiences excited about the Adriatic paradise we know and love.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to set sail with, apply here!


Look, it’s no secret that Croatia is beautiful. Anyone stepping foot here will be able to tell you this. But creating a story from an image? Well that’s a whole new playing field and anyone who can capture that is someone we’re looking for! They don’t say a picture is worth a thousand words for nothing…

With sound experience, and the right equipment, photographers can apply to join us for a minimum of a week and experience the Sail Croatia way of life. In exchange for a select number of images, photographers will receive free onboard accommodation, selected meals, and access to a variety of epic excursions.

If you’re looking to enhance your portfolio in a new and exciting way, check out the position here.

Travel for free


Calling all creative videographers! It’s one thing to point and shoot, but to immerse yourself in the experience and transport the viewer to your exact position, now that’s a skill! If we can feel your passion through your videos, then we’d love to have you.

With a travel flair, you’ll need to have a solid video background and come equipped with your own kit. By the end of your week, send a highlight reel of your time onboard acting as your own personal trailer.

The POV will depend on your niche so everyone is welcome to apply! In return, you’ll receive a free cruise with us which includes free onboard accommodation, selected meals, and access to some excursions.

Find out more here.

How Does it Work

As the creative genius you are, you’ll embrace your creative eye and showcase a unique insight into Croatia while living ‘rent-free’ on a ship. With breakfast and lunch always included, you’ll only need to cater for some evening meals (and shopping, of course!). Apply using the above links, and our team will be in touch if we wish to get you onboard this summer.

Work & Travel

Are you looking to travel and make some coin along the way? Sometimes the no-income life just isn’t feasible and that’s okay! Lucky for you, you can absolutely have your cake and eat it too. We often have positions available, offering up the opportunity to join our team across a variety of different departments, including Onboard Representatives, Active Guides and even Skippers! These are paid gigs meaning you have the opportunity to explore Croatia, pull the ropes, hoist the sails and get paid along the way. Check out our available positions here.

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity, or manifesting something new this year, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for!