Spring is a wonderful time to travel, especially to Croatia! April is the beginning of the summer season as businesses along the Croatian coast start to reopen after the winter and the Adriatic becomes alive again.

This time of year is excellent to travel to Croatia as the weather is warming up, the locals are extra cheerful, the sea is glistening, the flowers and fruits are blooming and Adriatic is starting to buzz with atmosphere!

Roam the markets in each destination Sail Croatia visits, smell the fresh flowers being sold, sample the best seasonal produce on offer and bask in the local atmosphere bustling around you.

Fresh Vegies

As you head away from the mainland the buzz of spring continues on the islands, as the island hillsides come alive and fresh crops, lavender groves and olive trees blossom.

Exploring the islands at this time of year ignites your senses as you smell the lavender growing wild and experience the tastes of freshly cold pressed olive oil and sip locally made wine!

Olive Oil

Croatians and in particular the self-proclaimed Dalmatians and Istrians take great pride in their olive oil, with constant debates over which regions is better.

Croatia yields fantastic olive oil that is so fresh that you can taste it and buy it bottled within days of the olive being picked from the tree!

Making olive oil

Across the Mediterranean and the Adriatic, locals are particular about their olive oil where choosing the best one for you is essential, comparable to wine tasting.

Selecting the best olive oil to suit your palette and accompany the meal you are preparing is all a part of the dining experience for locals. An indulgence in Croatia is to taste test olive oil with traditionally made bread, to discover your preferred flavour and then purchase the bottle to take home with you.


Along with olive oil, taste testing wine from the various regions in Croatia is customary and highly recommended on a visit to Croatia.

No matter what part of the coastline you visit, vineyards are common and cosy wine farms are perfect to explore beyond the seaside scenery to receive an authentic Croatian experience as you get off the beaten track and can mingle with the locals.

Olive trees

Sail Croatia Cruises provide you with the best of both worlds when visiting Croatia, take advantage of cruising the stunning Adriatic and relaxing on board your custom designed ship.

As evening approaches, spend your time wandering the island’s small towns to discover local hidden gems. The Dalmatian coastline sings in spring with a new summer season getting underway.

Explore this beautiful part of the world before everyone else this Spring and truly appreciate the beauty of the country, its people, culture and food.