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Last updated 28 December 2023

Croatia in Spring: Prime Season Cruising

Croatia in Spring: Prime Season Cruising

It’s no secret that Croatia is amazing all year round, but there is a special place set aside for Spring in Croatia.

With ideal temperatures, blooming landscapes, and fewer crowds, Spring is the perfect time to set sail.

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Weather & Season

April and May welcome the beginning of the tourist season as businesses along the Croatian Coast start to reopen after the winter.

This is when the weather begins warming up to the inviting sunny days as temperatures climb into an ideal range of the low to mid 20’s (celcius).

Average rainfall also drops throughout this period meaning your time in Croatia will be filled with more pleasant days than the prior season.

As the weather starts to climb, so do the waters! Expect to find water temperatures around 17ºC, so the braver among you have the chance to feel rewardingly refreshed.

With up to 14 hours of sunshine throughout the springtime, there’s plenty of time to make the most of the islands, experience at your leisure, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Lounge Area of Ship

Active Cruises

Spring is also the perfect time for active enthusiasts. Favourable temperatures and fewer crowds create an inviting atmosphere for outdoor activities including our Cycle Croatia Cruise or Hike Cruise.

Crowds & Tranquility

Unsurprisingly, Croatia has become one of the most favourable European destinations to visit especially during the summer! But, if large summer crowds and the hustle and bustle buzzing throughout the towns isn’t quite your thing, Spring is the perfect time to enjoy Croatia at your own pace.

Discover Croatia and embrace the famous Croatian way of life - “pomalo”, or taking things slowly. On top of less crowds, shops, restaurants, and cafes begin to open for the season with towns and cities starting to thrive. During the leadup to summer, enjoy less wait times and cheaper prices.

Ice Cream

Local Produce & Culinary Experience

Produce and Croatia go hand in hand. With an abundance of diverse delights, Croatia holds some of the worlds best food and drink titles; with a big thanks to Spring.

Both the islands and mainland come alive especially with fresh crops, lavender groves and olive oil trees.

Olive Oil

Croatians, and in particular the self-proclaimed Dalmatians & Istrians, take great pride in their olive oil, with constant debates over which regions is better. Croatia yields fantastic olive oil that is so fresh that you can taste it and buy it bottled within days of the olive being picked from the tree!

Selecting the best olive oil to suit your palate, and accompany the meal you are preparing, is all a part of the dining experience for locals. An indulgence in Croatia is to taste test olive oil with traditionally made bread, discover your preferred flavour and then purchase the bottle to take home with you. Along with olive oil, taste testing wine from the various regions in Croatia is customary and highly recommended on a visit to Croatia.

Olive Oil

Croatian Wine

Whether you’re a self-appointed sommelier, or simply someone who appreciates a good grape, Croatians know how to make wine.

No matter what part of the coastline you visit, vineyards are common and cosy wine farms are perfect to explore beyond the seaside scenery to receive an authentic Croatian experience as you get off the beaten track and can mingle with the locals.

Something to consider when cruising with us is our optional Wine Tasting excursion that will have you sample the local produce from the winery itself! Or, if you’re wanting to sip your way along the coast, our Sailing Croatian Wineries Route, or Wine Cruise, is for you.

Spring sunset

Sail Croatia Cruises provide you with the best of both worlds when visiting Croatia, take advantage of cruising the stunning Adriatic and relaxing on board your custom designed ship.

As evening approaches, spend your time wandering the island’s small towns to discover local hidden gems. The Dalmatian coastline sings in spring with a new summer season getting underway.

Explore this beautiful part of the world before everyone else this spring and truly appreciate the beauty of the country, its people, culture and food.

Join us on our luxury, active, adventure, or party cruises and discover the beauty of small ship cruising in Spring!