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Last updated 11 July 2023

Which Ship Type is Right for Me? A Navigator Guide

Which Ship Type is Right for Me? A Navigator Guide

Looking to experience a Sail Croatia Navigator cruise, but not sure which ship to choose? It’s okay, we’ve all been there. But don’t worry, we’re here to break it down for you!

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So why choose a Navigator Cruise?

A Navigator Cruise is perfect for under 40’s, meaning you’ll find anyone from backpackers and solo travellers onboard, to couples, groups of friends and even business professionals, who just like you, need a weeklong break in the summer sun!

Being the most popular party cruise around, Navigators can expect the best of partying and exploring, with a dedicated tour representative to give you top advice along the way. Navigator guests use the ultimate means (cruising!) to see Croatia in a unique way and island hopping with exclusive access to the best spots in town is just one of the many perks.

The beauty of this cruise is that it gives you the opportunity to explore hidden bays that larger ships aren’t able to get to. Enjoy the local Croatian cuisine onboard and maybe even try your hand at Croatian moonshine, aka Rakija, if you dare!

Navigator Pirate Party

Perks come in many shapes and forms on a Navigator Cruise! Rest and relax on the top deck lounge chairs before diving straight into the big blue from the back of your ship. Too energetic for R’n’R? Or FOMO hits you hard? All ships in the Navigator fleet offer optional excursions which include kayaking on the amazing Adriatic Sea, buggying through vineyards and more!

If you’re ready to mingle then you’re spoilt for choice on a Navigator Cruise, with up to 38 like minded travellers onboard each ship – so who knows, maybe you’ll meet your future BFF or partner! Travelling as an odd number of 3? No walking behind on the sidewalk for you! Most ships in the Navigator fleet also have triple cabins available!

Arguably most important, Navigator Cruises are where travel and party meet hand-in-hand. If you’re heading into Makarska, be prepared for the iconic pirate party! And if you need to phone home, no stress! Each Navigator ship is equipped with WI-FI (we would never let you down like that).

Navigator Food

If the Navigator Cruise sounds like your idea of a good time, your next step is to choose which ship type you’d like to book! For budget-savvy travellers, Standard and Ensuite ships are your best bet.


The humblest of our fleet, Standard ships are perfect for backpackers or budget conscious travellers alike. Cabins are cosy with a twin shared bunk complete with a cabin fan and clean linen. Standard ships don’t have ensuites, meaning that separate bathroom facilities are available on the main deck of each ship, which are usually shared by 5 or so people. Just like many hostels, aircon is not included onboard and shower towels are B.Y.O. Keen to get your drinks on but running low on dough? Rest assured that the bar is fully stocked with prices as low as €3 for spirits. Winning!


The next step up from Standard is where Ensuite ships come into play. As the name suggests, this Navigator number comes with your own cabin ensuite! If you’re not comfortable sharing a bathroom with 5 or so people, Ensuite ships are where it's at! Ensuite cabins are slightly larger than Standard cabins, also accommodating the ensuite in each room. Unless you’re getting ready or sleeping, how much time do you really need to spend in your cabin anyway!? For all of you who have lost your towel whilst travelling, this one’s for you! Ensuite ships include a shower towel for your convenience, because for some reason or another, they’re always the first to go missing from your luggage. We get it, and we get you.


Luxury ships never looked so good. Premier ships are newer to the fleet than Standard and Ensuite ships and are all about space and comfort. One of the biggest differences for this ship type is that Premier ships come fully equipped with both ensuites and air-conditioning. With the larger real estate, Premier ships offer large sundecks that are perfect for soaking up the Adriatic view whilst catching some rays!

For travellers who have a bit more to spend and like to travel in luxury, we offer you our VIP Navigator Cruise. This is the only way to cruise Croatia if you’re looking for the most luxurious ship, and the best party locations!

If you’re looking for a sign to take the leap – here it is! A Navigator Cruise, whichever ship type you choose, will see you raving about the best week of your life for years to come! But don’t just take our word for it, you’ll have to find out yourself.