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Last updated 28 February 2022

Behind the Scenes of Our Newest Elegance Ship

Behind the Scenes of Our Newest Elegance Ship

We are excited to welcome more and more ships to the Sail Croatia fleet every year. One of those ships that we have welcomed towards the end of our 2018 cruising season is 'Kraljica Jelena' - which simply translates to 'Queen Jelena', and is a wonderful surprise to all of our guests. Modern quality merges with traditional designs that will ensure sailing on this ship is a unique experience for all guests.

To gain an insight into the steps of building this fine ship, we visited owner and captain, Gordan Naranča, to give us a behind the scenes look at 'Kraljica Jelena'.

As one of the oldest shipbuilding families in Krilo, it was Gordan’s father who passed the love of sailing down through the family. Gordan shares this passion with his brother Ranko, who is also an esteemed shipbuilder. Both Gordan and Ranko have worked with Sail Croatia since its beginnings and Gordan speaks very fondly of this partnership.

Their relationship with Sail Croatia is based on more than just business, as it thrives on many years of friendship and mutual support. The partnership with Sail Croatia started with the Ensuite ship Mlini, that has previously sailed on Navigator and Cycle cruises, making Gordan well-rehearsed on the importance of high levels of customer service.

With this experience in tow, Gordan decided it was time to move onto a Premier Plus ship, in order to provide Explorer and Elegance guests with the best possible service. Considering their long-time friendship, Gordan admits that the ship is being built exclusively and solely for Sail Croatia.

Queen Jelena Captain

Kraljica Jelena is completely different from other ships within the Sail Croatia fleet. Nowadays, most ships are built using the newest features and styles. This is where Gordan has decided to take a step back and retrace the traditional elements which many boats are moving away from. The ship style is intentionally different from all of the others and is set to have the baroque and oriental appeal of a steamboat, with beautiful wide sails adding to its antique look. Whilst the design and features may take on a traditional feel, the facilities onboard are nothing short of advanced.

The 50 meter ship boasts 19 spacious cabins, providing a comfortable cruising experience for a maximum of 38 guests. Every cabin is equipped with air-conditioning, twin or double beds, traditional round windows and a separate ensuite. The deck, handrails, exterior doors, window frames and saloon floor are completed with high quality wood to emphasize the desired classic look. On the other hand, the innovative facilities of the ship include a modern jacuzzi on the top deck and spacious lounging areas. With a ‘steam boat’ style exterior, two masts installed on the ship ensures it sails between destinations with ease.

Queen Jelena Ship

Gordan guarantees a very special ship, where safety is the main priority and a hard-working and devoted crew is available to attend every guest's needs. If you are eager to experience luxury cruising with a touch of tradition, cruise onboard this magnificent vessel. Make sure you don’t miss your opportunity to explore the Croatian coast from this one-of-a-kind sailing oasis.