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If you’re heading on a cruise this summer then getting your packing list right is essential! Packing light will ensure you have more room in your cabin, and of course, more room for souvenirs!

There is nothing worse than getting to your destination to find that you’ve forgotten an essential! Check out this handy list before you depart and spend your time getting excited rather than planning your ‘to-pack’ list!

15 Items You Can’t Forget to Pack for a Cruise

  1. Passport & Visas
    First on the list is your passport! You can’t travel to a new country without it, so make sure it’s within 6 months of the expiration date and in good condition! It’s also worth checking if you need a Visa and what the process is for obtaining one before you travel. Read here to find out if you need a visa to travel to Croatia.

  2. Travel Insurance Documents
    We highly recommend you buy travel insurance before you travel. It’s always a good idea to have your policy handy, either in a printed version or easily accessible on your phone/laptop.
  3. What To Pack For A Cruise Travel Documents
  4. Bikinis and/or Board Shorts
    With the amount of time you’ll be spending in the Sea, we recommend packing at least 2 pairs of swimmers so that you’ll always have one available if the other is wet!
  5. What To Pack For A Cruise Bikini
  6. A Smart Casual Outfit
    Even though you’ll be living in boardshorts or your bikini, it’s a great idea to pack something that little bit nicer for an evening spent having a nice dinner or at a club!
  7. What To Pack For A Cruise Smart Casual Outfit
  8. Comfortable Walking Shoes
    Chances are you’ll be doing a fair bit of walking as you explore stunning Old Towns and attractions at each destination. Sometimes flip flops just won’t be enough for a decent walk!
  9. What To Pack For A Cruise Walking Shoes
  10. Flip Flops
    Thongs for Australian passengers and jandals for New Zealand passengers! Flip flops are perfect because they’re easy to slip on and wear around the ship.
  11. What To Pack For A Cruise Flip Flops
  12. Light Jacket
    Even though the ideal cruising weather is predominately hot, we advise that you bring a jacket just in case it gets cool or windy in the evening – or if you travel outside of peak season.
  13. What To Pack For A Cruise Light Jacket
  14. Sunglasses
    When heading to a sunny destination, sunglasses are essential to protect your eyes (and ensure you look the part of course!).
  15. What To Pack For A Cruise Sunglasses
  16. Sunscreen
    This one is a must – make sure you purchase this before you leave as it can be overpriced at airports and not as readily available when you arrive!
  17. What To Pack For A Cruise Sunscreen
  18. Beach Towel
    You’ll be provided with a bath towel onboard, but it’s a great idea to pack your favorite beach towel to use on the decks or the beaches.

  19. Medication
    If you’re taking prescribed medication, make sure you bring it along and keep it in a safe place.
  20. What To Pack For A Cruise Medication
  21. A Good Book
    Looking for some downtime? There’s nothing better than catching up on your favourite book whilst taking in your stunning surroundings from the top deck!
  22. What To Pack For A Cruise A Good Book
  23. Camera
    Whether you use a smartphone or a professional camera – make sure you have something to capture your memories with.
  24. What To Pack For A Cruise Camera
  25. Power Adapters
    All appliances on our Sail Croatia Cruises require a double round pin type plug for 220 volts, AC, 50 hertz.
  26. What To Pack For A Cruise Power Adapters
  27. Day Bag/Backpack
    You’ll need something to store your camera, water bottle and towel in when you get to shore each day, so don’t forget to pack a day bag!
  28. What To Pack For A Cruise Backpack
Things to remember
  • We highly recommend limiting your luggage to one suitcase on the cruise
  • Only bring what you need
  • Check the weather before you depart

What to Pack for a Cruise - Printable Checklist

If you’re super organised, you can even print out this checklist to make sure you’ve got everything packed and ready to go before you depart!

Sretno Jedrenje (happy sailing in Croatian!)