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Last updated 20 October 2023

Split Nightlife

Split Nightlife

Hello sunset chasers! Welcome to the electrifying realm of Split's nightlife, where the city's after-dark alter ego steals the show. In this blog post, we're taking you on a journey through the vibrant and dynamic nightlife scene that makes Split a true star after dark.

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A Stroll Down Riva Promenade:

Let's kick things off with a leisurely walk along the iconic Riva promenade. With the sea breeze on your face and the city's iconic bars calling out to you, it's the perfect way to slide into the evening's rhythm.

Trendy Bars and Cool Hangouts:

Once the sun's down, Split's trendy bars and cool hangouts come to life. Looking for a unique way to enjoy movies under the starry Croatian sky? Look no further than the Bačvice Open Air Cinema in Split. Nestled in the heart of this vibrant city, this outdoor cinematic haven offers an enchanting escape from the ordinary. From chic cocktail lounges like Noor Bar, to laid-back bars like Crozzies that host popular pub crawls or Shooters Bar and Fabrique, there's something for every taste. Sip on your favourite drink while swapping stories with locals and fellow travellers – that's the essence of Split's nightlife.

Split's Nightlife

Explore Hidden Gems:

As the night unfolds, venture into the labyrinthine alleyways that hide a world of surprises. Discover charming boutiques and quirky restaurants like Fig Split tucked within the historic Diocletian's Palace. This UNESCO World Heritage site becomes a hub of activity after dark, with locals and visitors mingling in its enchanting courtyard.

Dance the Night Away:

Ready to put those dancing shoes to work? Split's got you covered! The city's nightlife boasts vibrant dance floors found at venues like Central Club or Vanilla Club Split where you can groove to everything from international hits to local beats. The heart of Split houses the majority of its bars and clubs, so you won't need to venture far – everything you need is right where you need it. Discover music venues like Academia Club Ghetto and open-air stages that come alive with tunes that'll have you moving till dawn.

Split's Nightlife

A Culinary Adventure:

Guess what? Split's nightlife isn't just about dancing – it's a feast for your taste buds too. Quaint restaurants like Portofino, tasty bistros like CHOPS GRILL Steak & Seafood, and street food stalls offer a delightful array of Croatian flavours. From seafood delicacies at Ćiri Biri Bela to traditional treats found at Basta Gourmet Bar, satisfy your cravings as you explore the city's culinary offerings under the starlit sky.

There you have it, fellow night adventurers – the captivating nightlife of Split laid out before you. This city knows how to switch from historical charm to a vibrant nightlife with effortless finesse. So, whether you're seeking to dance, mingle, indulge in good food, or simply soak in the enchanting atmosphere, Split's nightlife scene has you covered. But don't just stop here; the party continues across Croatia! Check out our comprehensive guide to Croatia's nightlife for more after-hours adventures here.