Private Balconies

Built exclusively for small ship cruising, Roko is a brand new ship that will set sail for the first time in 2021. Roko is the very first ship in Sail Croatia history to offer balconies, ensuring a stylish and luxurious cruising experience onboard our Elegance Cruises. The vessel boasts both a jacuzzi and splash pool onboard, meaning guests are spoilt for choice when the call to relax and unwind on the spacious decks comes.

Built: 2021
Length: 49.5m
Width: 8.6m
Hull: Steel
Capacity: 38
Cabins: 19
Above: 9
Lower: 10
Splash Pools
Roko Cabin
Roko Salon
MS Roko
Vessel Features
MS Roko Top Deck
Top Deck

Roko's spacious top deck features a full sun splash pool and plenty of sunloungers, creating the perfect location to sip on a cocktail and take in the view out across the sea!

MS Roko main deck
Main Deck

The Main Deck onboard Roko features a shaded alfresco lounge area, that is perfect for guests to socialise, relax and unwind in. Guests are also able to access the Dining Salon from the Main Deck. Towards the rear of the ship, a swimming platform makes it easy for guests to get in and out of the water.

MS Roko Dining Salon
Dining Salon

The Dining Salon onboard Roko features a spacious and contemporary space to enjoy meals onboard. A fully stocked bar is also located within the Dining Salon.

MS Roko Cabin

Cabins onboard Roko offer a unique approach to small ship cruising in Croatia. Above Deck Cabins all feature private balconies, creating a luxurious and exclusive feel onboard, whilst the Lower Deck cabins are quiet, peaceful sanctuaries where you can enjoy a private ensuite, air-conditioning and modern comforts in your cabin.

MS Roko Ensuite

Each cabin onboard has a private ensuite featuring a shower, toilet, basin and mirror.