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We would forgive you for thinking that Croatia, a country blessed with one of the most beautiful seas in the world, was just a coastal destination. Inland however, Croatia boasts vast green forests, breathtaking mountains and stunning waterfalls that attract thousands of tourists every year.

If you’d like to explore more of Croatia's natural beauties, keep reading and discover the 5 most beautiful waterfalls in Croatia!


Skradinski Buk is located in Krka National Park and is today one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. It is the biggest waterfall found in the river Krka and is one of Croatia’s most famous sights. Buk directly translates to cascade in Croatian, and the waterfall is aptly named with its series of 17 steps over the course of 800 meters. Summer is a great time to visit the waterfall, as you can relax and swim in the refreshing water of the lakes. krka-national-park


Roški slap is also located in Krka National Park, and can be found 36 kilometers downstream from the main source of the river. Above the waterfall you’ll find stunning natural surroundings and a cave that is perfect for exploring. Roški Slap is also known for its numerous watermills, which these days serve as shops where you can find unique souvenirs and gifts. Although Roški Slap is only a boat ride away from its ‘sister’ waterfall Skradinski Buk, tourists usually visit Skradinski Buk since it is closer to the entrance of the National Park. Our top recommendation if you have a day in the National Park, is to check them both out!


You simply can’t visit Croatia and not make a trip to Plitvice Lakes! As the largest National Park in Croatia (296.85 square kilometers), Plitvice Lakes is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the moment you look at the waterfalls, you will be amazed by the changing colour of the water. Thanks to minerals and the amount of sunlight during the day, the water will shimmer from azure to green, grey and blue. Plitvice Lakes is home to, not only one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Croatia, but also caves, forests, meadows, streams, rivers and unique flora and fauna.

There are 16 lakes in total that stretch over an area of 8 kilometers. One of those 16 lakes is the Great Waterfall - the highest waterfall in Croatia and a part of the Lower Lakes of Plitvice Lakes National Park. A waterfall as impressive as the Great Waterfall makes visiting Plitvice Lakes a truly unique experience.


On your way toward the Adriatic coast you will most likely past through Rastoke. Rastoke is a small, yet beautiful place near the town of Slunj, around 280 kilometers from Split, where the rivers Slunjčica and Korana meet. The most beautiful part of this waterfall is when the Slunjčica river flows into the Korana river, creating dozens of small lakes, rapids and waterfalls. Rastoke is also a place where you can see these fascinating waterfalls powering old flour mills in the vicinity - water power at its best! If you’re after the best room view for miles, then make sure to rent private accommodation that overlooks the falls!


In case you weren't able to book accommodation overlooking the magnificent Rastoke waterfalls, you can book it at the Mrežnica waterfalls! Mrežnica river is one of the most unique natural waterways in Croatia, with many different canyons, waterfalls, springs, and mills. The beautiful Mrežnica river creates almost 90 different waterfalls and everywhere you look, you will see spectacular nature. Although these waterfalls are not as high as those of Plitvice Lakes or Krka National Park, they are so unique that they are definitely worth the visit.


Not far away from the town of Šibenik, the rough river Zrmanja creates 12 adventours cascades. For all you adrenaline lovers, you will be happy to hear that Zrmanja is considered one of the best places to do river rafting in Croatia. Although some parts of the river are ideal for extreme activities such as rafting, the river also has another side, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet, making it an ideal family vacation spot.

Visiting any of these waterfalls is an ideal way to escape the crowds and get back to nature! All of these locations are well connected by bus from major Croatian cities and the journey is usually no more than a couple of hours. Although there is an entrance fee for most of them, you won't find the price at all exaggerated if you want to see amazing natural surroundings in a pristine environment.