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Last updated 03 March 2022

Destinations To Explore On Your Next Holiday In Croatia

Destinations To Explore On Your Next Holiday In Croatia

With thousands of kilometres of coastline, white pebble beaches, vibrant cities & exciting tours, it's no wonder a holiday in Croatia is a popular choice!

Croatia has over 1185 islands – each one different and more beautiful than the other. From peaceful, family-oriented resorts to hiking, cycling and sailing tours, Croatia really does offer it all. We are proud to say that we know a great deal about Croatia, but we won’t pretend for one second to know every hidden gem Croatia has in store for you; besides, some things are much better if you get to discover them on your own.

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Holiday in Croatia's beautiful coastal cities

So, the big question – which destinations to visit? Croatia offers so many unique experiences that it really is quite difficult to decide where to turn first. The Croatian Coast stretches longer than the distance between Paris and Berlin, and every few miles there is something magical which will entice you to discover more. Unless you have unlimited time, it will be rather difficult to cram everything into your itinerary – especially on your own accord, which is why we suggest exploring the Adriatic by a Sail Croatia cruise, but more on that later.

If you do desire to visit explore Croatia on your own itinerary, then we highly recommend exploring as many coastal cities as you can. Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Omis, Šibenik, Pula – take your pick! Some of these cities are thousands of years old with rich history and bloody backgrounds – you will discover fascinating facts at every turn.

Croatia Building

In the north-west you will find Istria, Croatia’s largest peninsula and home to small, Venetian-style port cities, such as Poreč and Rovinj. Istria is a number one choice of slower paced travellers who wish to explore its exquisite cuisine and rich wines. A trip to Pula, Istria’s largest city, is certainly not to be missed and would give you an opportunity to explore the Pula Arena – the best preserved Roman amphitheater still standing.

More adventurous travellers will continue their journey down south, to the rugged and wild Dalmatian coast. Šibenik is a charming renaissance city and will appeal to travellers with deeper pockets as its seclusion offers more privacy and appeal – but at a price. Also, Šibenik is a starting point for exploring the wondrous Kornati Islands! Zadar, on the other hand, is a destination for young, exuberant tourists where the city center turns into a nightclub in the open, perfect for partygoers and rush-seekers! Zadar is also the perfect spot to capture one of Croatia's incredible sunsets and experience the sound of the Sea Organ on the large marble steps.

After partying it up in Zadar, make sure to visit Split – the oldest city in the region. Split offers everything, from history to exciting nightlife, and is a great base for exploring the coast and nearby islands. If you’re a music lover you will want to clear up your July schedule as Split becomes home to one of the biggest house music festivals in the world – Ultra Europe!.

Ultra Europe Festival

Fancy some island hopping?

There is simply so much to explore in & around Split that a few days just won’t cut it. At this point we recommend you just let loose and go island hopping! The crystal clear Adriatic Sea is both warm and calm; a perfect combination for sailing enthusiasts. Booking a cruise in Split will allow you to explore surrounding islands and coastline without any hassle and give you an opportunity to enjoy breathtaking sunrises and sunsets away from the busy, touristy hotspots – or not, depending on what you have your heart set on!

Fortunately there are a variety of different cruises are available, so if you want the remainder of your holiday in Croatia to be peaceful and calm book a cruise that will allow you to do just that – a great option to get away from the crowds and enjoy some peace and quiet is on our Elegance Cruise. We highly recommend visiting Korcula, a medieval city from which Marco Polo, the world renowned explorer hails. Visit his birth-house in the old town and walk the stone walls that surround the city, the very walls from which he first turned his gaze towards the Far East! On your way to Dubrovnik you will want to see the beautiful island of Mljet, parts of which are a protected and designated as a National Park. Pelješac peninsula is also close by, with its romantic vineyards and hillside cabins and restaurants.

Elegance Cruise

If peaceful, wine-tasting, sunset-observing cruises are not your cup of the, do not panic! In Split you can book a cruise of a lifetime, avoiding tedious, slow-paced locations, and island hop from party to party on a Navigator Cruise! The first stop on your way will most certainly be the island of Hvar! This trendy island is becoming more and more popular with local and foreign jet-setters. From extravagantly decorated beach-side bars, to wild, day-long festivals, fun is all but guaranteed here! Makarska is also a popular choice for those looking for nigh time thrills. Spending your nights partying can be exhausting, so use those daytime cruise stops to dive into the turquoise waters of the Adriatic to recharge your batteries. Believe us; you will need all the energy you can get on this cruise!

Navigator Cruise

Do you consider yourself a more adventurous type? If so, you’ll want to stop off at Omiš where outdoor activities abound! Kayaking, Cetina River rafting, zip-lining, hiking and tons of other fun activities await you there. Of course, no holiday in Croatia is not complete without visiting Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic! Lose yourself in this beautiful, old city, exploring the hidden nooks and crannies of its majestic walls and palaces.


Make sure to visit popular sites where parts of the hit series ‘Game of Thrones’ were filmed; the island of Lokrum, Lovrijenac Fort, the cathedral, and many others! If you have time, explore local townships of Konavle and Cavtat – both areas are a breath of fresh air and a great way to escape the hustle and bustle that Dubrovnik is during those summer months!

Croatia is such a beautiful and fascinating country that you can easily find yourself coming back year after year and always discovering something new exciting – hopefully now, you’ll know where to look!