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Eco friendly cruises in Croatia are both a learning and a teaching opportunity & are a great option for people passionate about sustainable travel.

Croatia is home to more than a thousand islands, each one beautiful in its own way. From the UNESCO World Heritage protected town of Stari Grad to the dense pine forests of Mljet; nature enthusiasts can be confident that you will discover a piece of Croatia that will both inspire and excite you. And it is not just the coast that is beautiful either. Croatia’s mainland hides deep, dark forests with their enchanting waterfalls and soaring mountaintops from which you can gaze far into the horizon. It is a country of thousands of wonders and hospitable locals – but this earthly piece of Heaven is also struggling to keep environmental pollution at bay.

Due to its location and the natural currents of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is vulnerable to pollution from neighbouring countries washing up on its coastline. When we think of Croatia, images of crystal clear waters and pristine beaches fill our minds, and whilst this is most certainly true in many popular tourist destinations, there are indeed beaches which are frequented by more general waste than the general public.

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Neighbouring countries are only somewhat responsible for the pollution found on the Croatian coastline though, as many Croats are poorly educated about environmental awareness & sustainable tourism policies which is ultimately the main reason why some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia are at the risk of losing their natural appeal.

After operating its cruises in Croatia for more than 13 years, Sail Croatia realised that raising awareness of environmental, economic and sustainable tourism policies in Croatia was paramount, and that working towards implementing changes within local businesses would positively impact on the livelihoods of the local people and maintain Croatia as a sustainable tourism destination for future generations. It’s through this realisation that Green Sail was born.

The Green Sail Adventure combines local beach clean up operations with a relaxing & informative experience to produce a 7 day feel-good eco friendly cruise. Do you care for the world around you? Are you passionate about sustainable travel? Would you like to be surrounded by other like-minded travellers who share your desire to promote environmentally-friendly policies with local business in Croatia? Then the non-for-profit Green Sail Adventure is an excellent option to get involved with the Green movement in Croatia

Eco friendly cruises are both a learning and a teaching opportunity. You’ll learn from your guides and local environment activists about the problems that islands and the coastal region are facing, especially in the wake of the recent tourism boom in the region. Your fellow travellers will also be a vital source of knowledge, as many international passengers enjoy sharing their own personal stories and green recommendations.

The Eco friendly Green Sail Adventure cruises provides a rare opportunity to get your hands dirty, to participate in local beach clean up operations, to meet with locals and broaden your knowledge of the problems they face; it is also an opportunity to brainstorm about the solutions, to inspire those people, to teach them things you’ve learned about sustainability and to inspire change with your own local knowledge. A typical day will involve exploring the shores of the Adriatic and include a few hours each day working on local community projects such as picking up litter from beaches, as well as meeting local people and mooring up in a different port each evening.

But it’s not all work and no fun. Your hard efforts will be greatly rewarded as you will get a chance to immerse yourself in the local way of life and to take a peek into places and customs regular tourists rarely experience. The Green Sail Adventure is also one of Sail Croatias’ lowest priced cruises of the year yet it still offers a great mix of included excursions and tours that will help make your time in Croatia one to remember.

From Split and Makarska to Vis and Hvar, your eco friendly tour of the coast will take you to some stunning locations. Not only will you be giving a boost to local conservation efforts, but you will also be visiting UNESCO World Heritage protected towns & enjoying delicious local food and wines. After a productive day, you will be able to swim in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic or explore the protected wilderness of the national park on the island of Mljet. Hop on a bike and explore the pine forests, or visit the Cetina River canyon, where you can experience white water rafting where you’ll help the locals keep it clean as you decent the rapids.

A Green Sail Adventure is a unique opportunity which will introduce you to the locals and help make a genuine difference to the community while we help them prepare for the upcoming season, so if you’re passionate about sustainable travel & have a burning desire to give back to our planet, then we encourage you to take part and help promote ‘Green Tourism’ in Croatia with us.

Adriatic Sea Current Maps