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Is It Safe To Travel To Croatia?

This blog will provide you with useful information about travelling to Croatia, the current restrictions and how Sail Croatia are managing the challenges of COVID-19.

Navigating through your Active Cruise!

To enhance your Cycle or Hike experience and keep up to date with the daily itinerary, Sail Croatia recommends using the OsmAnd App.

Saving & Paying For Your Cruise - Tips and Tricks

Travel is good for the soul and the experiences that come with it will last you a lifetime. These are the moments you can’t put a price on - although that doesn’t mean finding the funds is easy, it just means that it’s worth the investment!

Foster a Floatie - Turn the Plastic Tide

If you’re not bobbing around on a colourful floatie with a cocktail in one hand and your go-pro in the other, some may say you’re doing Croatia wrong!

Croatian Airports

Nowadays, Croatia is among the world's top tourist destinations and its tourist success is very much measured by the number of guests arriving into this beautiful country every day.

Winds in Croatia

Croatia is described with many compliments - beautiful, stunning, fascinating... however, you might be surprised.

The Life of a Sail Croatia Skipper

Spending the week onboard a yacht with a Skipper you’ve just met may feel daunting, but fear not, our experienced Skippers will put your mind at ease and ensure your experience is one you’ll never forget!

How to Guarantee a Double Bed Cabin with Sail Croatia

Cabins onboard our Sail Croatia ships come complete with either a double bed or twin beds. We also have a limited number of triple cabins available for families or friends travelling together on certain ships and these cabins usually consist of a double bed and a single bed.

Do I Go Above Or Below Deck?

It can be difficult to decide whether to book an Above or Below Deck cabin when booking an Elegance Cruise, so we’ve put together a handy guide highlighting the similarities and differences between the cabin types.

Must Download Travel Apps For 2019

To guide those new to the travel game in the right direction, we’ve come up with our top 10 travel apps that make travelling, navigating and connecting a breeze!